War of the Rebellion: Serial 047 Page 0075 Chapter XL. CORRESPONDENCE, ETC. - UNION.

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Davis' Brigade.*

Colonel W. W. H. DAVIS.

47th New York, Major Christopher R. MacDonald.

Independent New York Battalion [Enfans Perdus], Captain M. Schmitt.

52nd Pennsylvania, Lieutenant Colonel Henry M. Hoyt.

104th Pennsylvania, Major Edward L. Rogers.


3rd New York, Battery B, Captain J. E. Ashcroft.

3rd New York, Battery F, Lieutenant Paul Birchmeyer.

3rd Rhode Island Heavy, Company B,

Captain Albert E. Greene.

3rd Rhode Island Heavy, Company C.

Captain Charles R. Brayton.

3rd Rhode Island Heavy, Company D.

Captain Richard G. Shaw.

3rd Rhode Island Heavy, Company H,

Captain A. W. Colwell.

3rd Rhode Island Heavy, Company I,

Captain Charles G. Strahan.

3rd Rhode Island Heavy, Company M,

Captain Joseph J. Comstock, jr.

1st United States, Battery B, Lieutenant

Guy V. Henry.

1st United States, Battery C [detachment],

Lieutenant James E. Wilson.

3rd United States, Battery E, Lieutenant

John R. Myrick.


11th Maine [detachment], + Lieutenant Charles Sellmer.

1st Massachusetts Cavalry, Company I [detachment],

Lieutenant Charles V. Holt.



Brigadier General ISRAEL VOGDES.

Alford's Brigade.++


3rd New York, Lieutenant Colonel Eldridge G.


89th New York, Colonel Harrison S. Fairchild.

103rd New York, Colonel William Heine.

117th New York, Lieutenant Colonel Alvin


Foster's Brigade. ++

Brigadier General R. S. FOSTER.

13th Indiana, Colonel Cyrus J. Dobbs.

112th New York, Colonel Jeremiah C. Drake.

169th New York, Colonel Clarence Buell.

African Brigade.++

Brigadier General EDWARD A. WILD.

55th Massachusetts [colored], Colonel Norwood P. Hallowell.

1st North Carolina [colored], Colonel James C. Beecher.

2nd North Carolina, colored [detachment], Colonel Alonzo G. Draper.

3rd North Carolina, colored [one company], Captain John Wilder.


1st Connecticut Battery, Captain A. P. Rockwell.


* Transferred from Vogdes' division, Folly Island, August 30.

+ From Companies C, E, G, and K, serving as artillerists.

++ Transferred from Department of Virginia and North Carolina to Folly Island, July 29-August 9.