War of the Rebellion: Serial 047 Page 0073 Chapter XL. CORRESPONDENCE, ETC. - UNION.

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II. The Fifty-fourth Massachusetts Volunteers, Colonel M. S. Littlefield, Fourth South Carolina Volunteers, commanding, are hereby detailed for special duty in the trenches, under the direction of Major T. B. Brooks, aide-de-camp and assistant engineer. The whole of the available force of the regiment will be divided into four equal reliefs, which will succeed each other at intervals of eight hours each. The first relief will report to Major Brooks, at the second parallel, at 8 a.m. this day. No other details will be made from this regiment until further orders.

By order of Brigadier General A. H. Terry:


Captain, and Assistant Adjutant-General.

Abstract from return of the Department of the South, Brigadier General Q. A. Gillmore, U. S. Army, commanding, for August, 1863; headquarters Folly Island. Pieces of

Present for duty artillery

Station and Office Men Aggrega Aggrega Heavy Field

command rs te te

present present



General 18 48 66 68 - -


Morris 302 8,245 12,414 14,641 - 28





Engineers 19 488 653 741 - -


Folly 191 4,186 5,658 6,894 - 6


North end


South end 167 3,237 4,188 7,467 - -


Port Royal 98 1,839 3,411 3,810 23 8



Hilton Head 65 1,610 3,314 3,819 - -




Fernandina 19 304 518 646 - -


Port Pulaski 8 181 252 267 - -


Saint 5 292 431 589 1 17



Total 982 20,430 30,905 38,942 24 59

Abstract from "Record of Events" on the several returns of the Department of the South, for August, 1863.


August 1.- The brigade of Colonel Alford reported and was assigned to Folly Island.

August 2.-The brigade of General R. S. Foster reported and was assigned to Folly Island.

August 2-9.-The brigade of General Wild reported and was assigned to Folly Island.

August 4.-The One hundred and seventy-sixth Pennsylvania Militia was ordered home to be mustered out, by expiration of term of service.

August 13.-The division of General Gordon reported and was assigned to the south end of Folly Island. Breaching batteries opened on Fort Sumter.

August 13-29.-The brigade of General Ames was employed on Morris Island.

August 23.-Bombardment of Fort Sumter ceased. Saps advanced toward Fort Wagner during the month.