War of the Rebellion: Serial 046 Page 0719 Chapter XL. ENGAGEMENT IN CHARLESTON HARBOR, S. C.

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Lieutenant De Saussure, while gallantly fighting his gun, was struck by a large fragment of stone, which fractured his collarbone and, it is feared, inflicted some internal injury.

Our fire was kept up steadily until 2 p. m., when the enemy withdrew, and one of the monitors, being evidently damaged, was towed out by two others.

The fire from the fort was deliberate and remarkably accurate, nearly every shot striking the boat at which it was aimed.

As I cannot mention any one more conspicuous for gallantry than another, I must content myself with simply saying that officers and companies engaged. The battery on the east was commanded by Captain [Jacob] Valentine, Company G, with Lieutenant De Sausure; the battery next on the west was commanded by Captain [B. J.] Witherspoon, Company E, with Lieutenants [D. G.] Calhoun and [E. C] Edgerton, and afterward by Captain [B. S.] Burnet, Company F, with Lieutenants [W. D.] Gaillard, [E. M.] Whaley, and [William J.] Marshall.

Lieutenant [L. W.] Perrin rendered very efficient services as ordnance officer, and Surgeon [Flournoy] Carter and Assistant Surgeon [E. H.] Kellers assidoulsy supplied the demands of the wounded.

Two of the guns of the fort were placed hors de combat-the one an 8-inch columbian, already referred to, and the other a rifled 32-pounder, the trunnion of which was knocked off by a piece of shell.

About 1 o'clock this morning, on the signal that an attack was being made on Fort Sumter, we again opened fire with shell and grape, firing so as to pass closely to the right and left of the fort, and on a signal of "all right" again ceased firing.

I have the honor to submit herewith a report of the casualties,* the number of wounded being far smaller than was at first reported, many of the wounds being slight and the men returned to duty:

Command, &c. Killed. Wounded. Total.

Company C,

Captain B. J.


Non- ....... 2 2



Enlisted men 2 9 11

Company E,

Captain R.

Press, Smith,


Non- 1 1 2



Enlisted men 14 11 25

Company F,

Captain B. S.


Enlisted men ....... 1 1

Company G,

Captain J.


Commissioned ....... 1 1


Enlisted men 1 2 3

Total 18 27 45

All of which is respectfully submitted.

Very respectfully, your obedient servant,


Major, Commanding.

Lieutenant M. KING,

Acting Assistant Adjutant-General.


*Nominal list omitted.