War of the Rebellion: Serial 046 Page 0661 Chapter XL. BOMBARDMENT OF FORT SUMTER, S. C.

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Numbers 9. Same time, same gun. Solid shot, hitting gorge wall just under corbels or on level of terre-plein ramparts, over sally-port; crater 3 feet 6 inches in diameter; penetration appears to be same. Impress and channel cut by shot visible from below.

Numbers 10. Same time, same gun. Shell probably exploded on striking granite lintel over second-story loop-hole window, penetrating into it 6 inches and flaking off a few bricks from above.

Numbers 11. Same time, same gun. Shot lodged in wall; having struck granite sill of second-story loop-hole east of sally-port, crashed through, penetrating into brick 3 feet 6 inches, making hole 5 feet high and 2 feet wide.

Numbers 12. Same time, same gun. Grazed gorge parapet, carried away some of rampart terrace wall, and buried itself in parade.

Numbers 13. Same as last.

Of the 3 gunboat shots, none were very damaging. Of the 10 land-battery shots, 4 were highly so, the rest being more of less trifling or ordinary in their effects. Two Parrott guns opened from land batteries in afternoon.

Memoranda of damage sustained by enemy's fire, August 14.

Shot Numbers 1. Land battery, 8-inch Parrott rifle, one gun only, about 6 a. m. Struck gorge wall second-story window pier near edge of loop-hole, throwing out one-third of pier from top of one to sill of other; missile passed in where chimney flue is separated from gorge wall by a kind of ventilator communicating from one room to another, and brought up against sand-bag filling of interior splay of adjoining window.*


No sign of the missile visible. I think it must have dropped down ventilator to the level of window-sill, as from A to B.

Numbers 2. Same time, same gun. Missile struck gorge parapet just below cornice and demolished, without carrying away, 18 inches from superior slope and 6 feet along line of gorge. Extent of injury not great, but bricks completely crushed where they lay.

Numbers 3. Shell from gunboat, fired about 11 a. m., exploded in south room, third story, western barracks. A shot from land battery on the 12th had already penetrated the roof of this room. The shell finished it by uncovering two-thirds of roof arching and carrying away half of partition wall 9 inches thick.


*This sand-bag filling was plainly visible at the end of the opening.