War of the Rebellion: Serial 046 Page 0660 S. C. AND GA. COASTS, AND IN MID. AND E. FLA. Chapter XL.

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outside the bar. They fire sometimes entirely over the fort, one shot falling nearly a mile to the west.

Memoranda of damage sustained by enemy's fire, August 13.

Numbers 1. Fired about 5.30 a. m. 150-pounder Parrott shell from land battery; struck parapet of gorge over east return of west magazine counter-fort; entered and exploded 2 1/2 feet below superior slope, nearly penetrating and entirely shattering the wall, throwing inside a bushel of bricks and displacing on outside, where they lodged on top of counter-fort, about three cart-loads loosened brick. (Gorge wall 4 feet 3 inches thick, laid in section with lime, mortar, and asphaltum beds.) The most striking effect of this shot was to hump or bow upward for 20 inches high the superior slope for a length along the parapet of 12 feet. The pieces of shell were taken from the shattered parapet near the interior slope. Not casualty.

Numbers 2. Soon after, same kind of shell gun struck edge of wharf below gorge, and glancing upward struck and burst close above a window-sill of second story, knocking inward a few bricks to a depth of 6 inches. Damage slight.

Numbers 3. Fired about 11 a. m. from gunboat, probably a 100-pounder Parrott shot; struck the east scarp wall, second pier, south of east pan coupe, about the level of first tier arches, making crater of 2 1/2 feet diameter and having penetration of 2 feet 3 inches. Damage very slight.

Numbers 4. Gunboat, same time of day; passed over east parapet and barracks, and descending exploded immediately under mortar mounted in parade, western half. Explosion only raised one angle of platform about 12 inches, requiring it to be railed.

Numbers 5. Gunboats, same time of day; struck top of east magazine counter-fort, passing between sand-bag re-enforce and the brick wall of gorge. Slight displacement of sand-bags, but none thrown down. The bags are laid on top of counter-fort, and have base of 6 feet to height of exterior crest, where they are about 4 feet thick.

Numbers 6. Two Parrott 200-pounders opened about 5 p. m. Shell (burst and lying in hole) struck midway on west magazine counterfort; new brick masonry, mortar inside still wet and soft; laid two months ago. Struck about 20 feet above wharf; crater 4 feet 3 inches in diameter; extreme penetration, 4 feet, leaving 5 feet of new masonry still outside of gorge wall back of magazine. Shell brought up on granite block.

Numbers 7. Same time, same gun. No proof of character of missile. Struck, glancing upon rounded return of east end of west magazine counter-fort, near the top, cracking top of counter-fort back to old wall, displacing bricks in form of an irregular parallelogram 8 feet high, 5 feet wide, and 2 deep, the crater running out to top of counter-fort and down to a point 8 feet below, cracks radiating from this point some 2 feet lower. This portion of counter-fort has started from main wall about a quarter of an inch.

Numbers 8. Shot same time, same gun. Solid bolt struck gorge wall 8 feet from center of last shot (mark Numbers 7) and to the east of it, on level of rampart arches, just about where one springs from the pier; crater (largest yet) 4 feet 6 inches high and 4 feet wide, irregularly elliptical; impress of shot plainly visible; extreme penetrations, 3 feet 6 inches, on slant line of fire; square to face of wall only 3 feet. Shot was seen to rebound from wall.