War of the Rebellion: Serial 046 Page 0646 Chapter XL. S. C. AND GA. COASTS, AND IN MID. AND E. FLA.

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December 14.-I have the honor to report that Captain [T. J.] Abercrombie, with 6 officers and 100 men from the Sixth, Nineteenth, Twenty-seventh, and Twenty-third Georgia Regiments, relieved Captain Bateman, 6 officers, 100 men, from Sixth, Nineteenth, Twenty-seven, and Twenty-eight Regiments.

The steamer effected a landing last night with a supply of ordnance and commissary stores. Casemates cooling.

December 15, 2 a. m.-A day of extreme quiet yesterday. Details from the garrison were assigned to the engineer for the purpose of assisting in the removal of rubbish. The work of repairs goes on well.

December 16.-Captain [J. D.] Franklin, with 6 officers and 100 men from the Sixth, Twenty-third, Twenty-seventh, and Twenty-eight Georgia Regiments, relieved Captain Harkey, with 6 officers and 100 men from Sixth, Nineteenth, Twenty-third, and Twenty-seventh.

Affairs continue quiet. The repair of the damage progressing.

Transportation and water were supplied.

December 17.-Captain R. Chisolm, with 6 officers and 100 men from the Twenty-seventh South Carolina Volunteers, relieved Captain Sellers, with 6 officers and 83 men Twenty-fifth South Carolina Volunteers.

December 18.-One my return to my post yesterday evening [from Charleston], I found Captain Johnson, of the Engineers, with a high fiver, and, as there were no comforts here, recommended his removal to the city until he shall recovered. Mr. Delisle and mr. Hall, assistant engineers, are carrying on the work.

I penetrated this morning to the portion of the magazine used as a commissary storehouse. A small amount of burning material is on the floor, but, by the use of buckets, the fire will soon be totally extinguished.

The work of rivetting and obstructing the approach to the works on Morris Island is still going forward.

December 19.-We have still been unmolested by the enemy, and the engineer work has progressed as favorably as usual.

December 22.-Last night Captain [W. G. L.] Butt, of the Twenty-third Georgia Regiment, with 6 officers, and 109 enlisted men of the Nineteenth, Twenty-third, Twenty-seventh, and Twenty-eighth Georgia, relieved Captain Abercrombie, of the same regiment, and 6 officers with 101 enlisted men from the Sixth, Nineteenth, Twenty-third, and Twenty-seventh Georgia.

Last night, about 1 o'clock, one of the enemy's barges appeared off the fort and continued sounding for some time. It finally retired toward Morris Island.

The condition of the fort is very much the same as usual, all changes being for the better.

December 23, 11.30 a. m.-I have the honor to report quiet this morning. The fleet consists of the Ironsides, four monitors, one mortar-boat, three wooden gunboats, and fourteen sailing vessels inside; four blockaders outside, and sixteen craft in Light-House Inlet. Gregg is undergoing some change, but its nature is not sufficiently developed to report upon. In correction of yesterday's report, I have the honor to state that the barge was reported as taking sounding. I am not certain that she was actually engaged in that work.

December 24.-I have the honor to report in sight, the Ironsides, four monitors, four gunboats, two mortar-boats, one of which was