War of the Rebellion: Serial 046 Page 0640 Chapter XL. S. C. AND GA. COAST, AND IN MID. AND E. FLA.

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and Lieutenant [A. M.] Hutchison, Sixth Georgia, relieved Lieutenants [J. A. F.] Coleman and [J. D.] James, of the same regiments, respectfully, who were removed at my request. Thomas J. Hornbuckle, Company C, Twenty-third Georgia, was killed yesterday by the explosion of a mortar shell; wounded, C. Banks, Company K, Seventeenth South Carolina Volunteers, spine, slight; W. P. Brown, private, Mathewes' artillery, shoulder, severe; also Stewart, Company B, Sixth Georgia, scale, slight. At 5 a. m. the broken arch on the george wall struck by a Parrott shell and fell, killing 2 negroes and wounding 6, and wounding Private Charles Etheridge, Company H, Sixth Georgia, fractured jaw; and Coote Thaver, Company H, Sixth Georgia, spine, slight. Repeated efforts had been made a few hours before to pull it down, but to no purpose.

The following is a statement of the engineer work done last night, as submitted by Captain Johnson:

Filled one loop-hole and two arches over magazine; completed filling passage in south angle; repaired tops of battery and central bomb-proof. Began covering with sand-bags the loop blindage, east end, corner bomb-proof.

November 22, 10 a. m.-Twenty-three rifled shots were fired yesterday, of which 7 missed, and 238 mortar shells, of which only 99 missed. At night, 149 rifles shells were fired; 45 of these exploded, after passing the fort.

There have been no casualties, neither has any serious damage been done to the work. At 3 o'clock this morning a blue light was reported at the entrance to Vincent's Creek. The parapet was handsomely manned by the garrison. No further indications of the enemy's advance appear.

November 23, 10.30 a. m.-Four rifled shots were fired yesterday, all of which struck, and 143 mortar shells, of which 63 missed. Last night 94 rifled were fired, of which 24 missed.

Captain [J. Ward] Hopkins and 6 officers and 108 men from the Twenty-seventh South Carolina Volunteers relieved Captain Crawford, Seventeenth South Carolina Volunteers, 10 officers and 101 men. No casualties.

November 24.-The enemy fired 7 rifles shells at us yesterday, all of which struck, and 192 mortar shells, of which 81 missed.

During the night, 170 rifles shells were fired, of which 62 exploded after passing, or passed without bursting.

It is painful duty to report that Captain F. H. Harleston, Company D, First Regiment South Carolina Artillery, was wounded in both thighs and in the arm, by a Parrott shell, at half past 4. He had gone down the slope of the sea face to examine the obstructions, which had been reported as being washed away by the tide. He is mortally hurt. One negro was killed, and another lost his leg by fragments of a Parrott shell.

November 25.-During yesterday 2 rifled shells were fired at the fort, both of which missed; also 98 mortar shells were fired, 65 of which struck, 33 missed. Our report for last night is: Rifled, fired 166, of which 115 struck; mortar shells fired, 17, only 6 of which struck.

The casualties last night were Captain Mitchell, Company F, Twenty-third Georgia, slightly wounded; 1 negro killed, and another severely wounded in shoulder.

November 26.-The rifled shells were thrown yesterday at the fort, of which 3 missed, and 11 mortar shells, of which 3 also missed. During the night, 242 rifles shells were fired, of which 88 missed.