War of the Rebellion: Serial 046 Page 0639 Chapter XL. BOMBARDMENT OF FORT SUMTER, S. C.

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Point buoy. Two pairs of buoys were discharged by them on the flood tide. They passed up the channel between the obstructions and Fort Sumter. I am led to believe that they carried heavy weights suspended at a certain depth below the surface of the water, and were designed to prove whether there was a practical passage for vessels of a certain draught.

November 17.-The enemy fired last night as follows: Rifled shots, 156, of which 55 missed; mortar shells, 6, 1 of which missed. To-day 14 rifled shots were fired, of which 5 missed, and 336 mortar shells, of which 117 missed.

Last night Private Edmund Lake, Company D, Twenty-seventh South Carolina Volunteers, acting cockswain of the quartermaster's boat, was killed by a fragment of shell, while approaching the fort.

No casualties to-day.

November 18.-The enemy fired last night as follows: Rifled shots 113, 11 of which missed. To-day 12 rifled shots fired, of which 4 missed, and 278 mortar shells; of these 92 missed.

At about 1.30 o'clock the sentinel at the northeast angle descried a small boat approaching the fort; he hailed it several times and was answered witch an oath. He thereupon fired and the boat immediately retreated. A short time afterward there was considerable musketry firing directed toward the fort, apparently from boats between this post and Gregg. Several balls struck the fort and some passed over.

Later, near daylight, two boats approached within 400 yards, opposite the southeast angle. They were fired upon and retreated toward Morris Island. No casualties since my last report. I append a brief statement of engineer work done last night.

The force; worked on repairs of southwest angle bomb-proof over stair, constructing position for howitzer, at west sally-port casemate, filing ordnance store-room southwest angle, and completing loop-holed blindage east end center bomb-proof. Garrison worked on filling passage to southeast magazine.

November 19.-Two hundred and eighty-five rifled shots were fired last night, of which 96 missed, and 3 mortar shells, which struck. To day 44 rifled shots were fired, of which 9 missed, and 362 mortar shells, of which 113 missed.

No casualties have occurred since the last report. Engineer din charge reports that his working force was engaged during the night repairing large holes over center bomb-proof, also filling ordnance store-room adjoining western magazine, second tier. Completed loop-holes in splinter-proof at east end of center bomb-proof, and continued filling passages inside south angle, and blew up middle kitchen in east barracks.

Captain [R. M.] Mitchell, with 3 officers and 100 men, from Sixth, Nineteenth, Twenty-third, and Twenty-seventh Georgia Regiments, relieved Captain Rentfro, with 3 officers and 100 men from the Sixth, Twenty-seventh, and Twenty-eight Georgia.

November 20, 9.45 a. m.-Enemy sheading us more heavily this morning than usual, with mortars. Have fired few rifled shots. i will send up report of last night's proceedings* after awhile.

November 21.-Yesterday* the enemy fired 18 rifles shots, of which 124 rifled shots were fired, of which 41 passed over without exploding.

At 9 p. m. Captain [N. A.] Burley, Seventeenth South Carolina Volunteers,


* See p. 742.