War of the Rebellion: Serial 046 Page 0633 Chapter XL. BOMBARDMENT OF FORT SUMTER, S. C.

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which 46 missed. The number of mortar shells fired was 308, of which 87 missed. The number last night was 54 rifled shells, of which 7 missed, and 4 mortars shells of which 2 missed. The number of projectiles of all kinds fired since Monday last is 5,565, of which 817 missed and 4,748 struck. I bed leave to call attention to the fact that for the second time the movement to relieve a portion of the garrison failed of accomplishment, and to urge that some remedy be applied. Learning that the troops detailed to relieve the companies of the Twenty-fifth Carolina Volunteers were awaiting transportation at Fort Johnson, I sent over Captain Carson's company in my mail-boat after its arrival from Charleston, making two trips, and bringing over 1 officer and 14 men of the relied. The non-fulfillment of official promises is to be regretted, as it shows a want of confidence on the part of the troops. The only casualty yesterday happened to W. Hallett, private Company D, Twelfth Georgia Battalion, who was wounded slightly on the leg.


General Jordan will issue very stringent orders relieve to relief for Sumter.


General, Commanding.

November 2.-One hundred and forty shots from the monitors; all struck; 250 rifled shots from Morris Island, 55 of which missed; 345 mortar shells, of which 135 missed. One man kill,ed by mortar shell. I consider the damage done to the fort, as a defensive position, is, perhaps, less to-day then an any day of the bombardment.

Although the crest of the southwest angle has been much cut, the disjoined masses have assumed a favorable position for the defense of the lower casemates. Besides 15-inch shells, the monitors fire rifled shells, 19 inches long and 6 1\2 inches in diameter, of the pattern styled Wiard. Send us some fresh beef.

November 3 (to General Jordan).-I respectfully recommend that a promise of a furlough of ten days be held out to my garrison in the event of their repelling a heavy assault upon this work. It would contribute more powerfully to the success of the defense than any measure I can think of.


Approved, for fifteen days.


November 3.-The bombardment continued as usual yesterday, the monitors relieving the heavy guns on Morris Island. About noon 140 15-inch and 6 1\2-inch rifled shots were fired from the monitors, all of which struck; 250 rifled shots from Morris Island, 55 of which missed, and 345 mortar shells, 135 of which missed.

During the night 87 rifled shots were fired, 36 of which missed, and 5 mortar shells, which fell in. The upper portion of the scarp on the southwest angle is cut away, but the fragments have assumed the natural slope and contribute to the safety of the lowed casemates. Immediately after dark a small boat containing 4 of the enemy's scouts made a landing at the southeast angle. The darkness having prevent its approach from being observed, and our sentinels not