War of the Rebellion: Serial 046 Page 0626 Chapter XL. S. C. AND GA. COASTS, AND IN MID. AND E. FLA.

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with little effect. Sand is being carted to the flat beach near Gregg, for the purpose of making a covered way.

Our fire has a better effect when directed at Wagner then at any other point. The working party there is larger, and a discharge from our batteries invariably causes them to seem cover.

September 24.-I have the honor to report the Ironsides, four monitors, and thirty other vessels inside the bar; seven outside, and about thirty in Light-House Inlet; one of the latter shelled the batteries on James Island yesterday for an hour. The enemy still busy on Morris Island, especially at Battery Wagner.

Six of the subterranean torpedoes exploded during the rising of the tide after midnight. The beating of the surf rolled fragments upon them, causing their ignition.

September 25.-During the night the enemy have erected a row of palisades around Gregg, and have mounted a large Parrott gun in the new near Gregg.

September 26.-Wagner has been extended somewhat to the southward and westward and Gregg to the southward and eastward. A great deal was accomplished at Both points last night. Large detachments of men could be seen moving to and from Gregg on the beach. At the moment of writing, a shell from Moultrie has killed a horse working at Gregg, and most probably some men.

September 27.-The work at Wagner and Gregg goes vigorously on.

September 28.-Exchange of companies effected last night; covered was thrown from Gregg to sand-hills. Southern slope of one of Wagner's face directed on this point finished and merlons constructed. No water-boat come last night. Commander of waterboat is an arrent coward, and if the boat is not seized and placed under military control, we will not get our full supply of water.

September 29.-I have the honor to report that at a quarter before 2 yesterday land batteries, distant 2 1\3 miles, opened a slow fire upon this work, directed mainly upon the southwest angle. One hundred shots were thrown, of which 48 struck, 16 fell short, 36 passed over. A negro was killed. The damage to the work is n ot considerable. A monitor came up apparently to observe the effect of the practice. Theirs morning the fleet retains the position and number of yesterday. The usual amount of work appears to have been done on Morris Island. The embrasures of Gregg being to assume the appearance of an evident development toward the city.

September 30.-I have the honor to report the fleet as diminished by there wooden vessels; one monitor lay near is last night. A quantity of lumber for palisades lies on the beach near Gregg. Four guns have apparently been mounted at Wagner.

The 10-inch columbiad, on the north angle, was removed to the parade last night by Mr. Butterfield, and a 42-pounder rifle placed on skids, ready for removal to the casemates. During the bombardment yesterday, the enemy fired 95 shots, of which 34 struck, without injuring the work materially.

October 1.-The enemy's fire was resumed yesterday at 11.30 a. m. Of 68 shots, 45 struck; the remainder passed over. Some damage was done to the stairway in the southwest angle; 1 man was wounded in the face by a fragment of brick.

In the afternoon a long line of men could be observed at Wagner apparently moving a heavy gun.

Two monitors lay in close last night.

Yesterday morning I placed a 42-pounder rifle, banded, in one of