War of the Rebellion: Serial 046 Page 0620 Chapter XL. S. C. AND GA. COAST, AND IN MID. AND E. FLA.

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menced shelling the fort; 185 shots were fired till 5 a. m.; 116 struck outside, 35 inside, 34 over.

One box powder-measures and gunners' haversacks, 1 box locks and covers to 8-inch navy gun, 1 pass box with dradge boxes, &c., 1 set of wrenches, 10 iron and iron-shod handspikes, 1 traversikng wheel, 4 budge-barrels, 2 sets of traversing gear, 1 10-inch columbiad bed for screw (1 32-pounder rifled gun, shipped August 31), 2 caps quare, sponges, and rammers, 1 city five-engine and hose, ammunition chests, 10 7-inch rifled bolts, 110 8-inch shots and shells, 75 42-pounder conical shot, 15 8-inch columbiad shell, 30 10-inch columbiad shell, loaded and damaged, were shipped by steamer Etiwan.

No work to speak of done all night. one 8-inch gun was thrown over parapet and shipped as monitors came in, and party stopped at 10 p. m., after only one hour's work. Damage very great by day and night fire.

On northeast face the entire terre-plain has fallen in except east of the two walls next and northeast of the pan coupe. Two shells burst in commissary's store. Scarp in front of there upper casemates at southeast pan coupe shot away; lower scarp somewhat protected by rubbish; east scarp is much cut up, but has not yet fallen in masses large enough to uncover any whole arch or casemate.

Since monitor fire last night, every casemate, upper and lower, has been more or less breached, in most of them exposing sand-bags.

Three shells exploded in immediate proximity to west magazine, two entering into second tier, outer magazine passage, sending blast down stairway into lower other magazine passage, the other door being closed at the time. Had the door been open the most serious consequences would ensued. The third struck and brought up in the sand-bag traverses at parade end of passage into hospital and magazine; it would otherwise have gone into hospital passage used or guard room.

Casualties: Slightly wounded, Private [R. B.] Foshee, Company B (Colonel Rhett's orderly); [William] Brown, Company C, and [F.] Alexander, Company H, Twenty-seventh Georgia Volunteers.

September 2 (journal).-The entire day 38 shots and shells were fired at this post; 12 struck outside, 9 inside, and 17 missed.

About 11,000 pounds of powder, 2 boxes rockets, 1 box damaged musket cartridges, rammers, and sponges were shipped last night by steamer Etiwan.

No material damage was done. It was discovered that one shot had penetrated the scarp-wall, opening daylight into the magazine in southeastern pan coupe.

The negroes worked all day in repairing the damage of the previous night and further strengthening the western magazine. One embrasure on the eastern right of the northwest face was opened sufficiently to enable the removal of its gun when necessary. The relieving of hands consumed the greater portion of the night, so that little was done.

Garrison worked all day. The casemates on east face were filled inside with sand-bags between the crown of the arch and the sand which had fallen down.

Lieutenant John. Johnston, engineer officer, was relieved from duty at this post, in consequence of the aggravated condition of his wound, and Lieutenant Hall reported for duty as engineer officer in his stead. Mr. William Mathewes was also sent down to assist the latter. Mr. J. Fraser Mathewes came last night for the purpose of taking