War of the Rebellion: Serial 046 Page 0617 Chapter XL.} BOMBARDMENT OF FORT SUMTER, S. C.

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Finished securing west magazine from reverse fire; began traverse on parade at entrance to passage now used for hospital sallyport. Magazine and telegraph office repaired and filled up with bags. Some small breaches at embrasure of east front, lower tier, and one large opening under arch of Captain Harleston's room on gorge. Restored traverses on east barbette. Embrasures on northeast and northwest faces in process of being bricked up.

Twelve thousand pounds of powder, 5 boxes port-fire, 7,200 priming-tubes, 1 box paper fuses assorted, 50 Brooke bolts, 50 10-inch solid shot, 50 10-inch shells, 20 rifle shells, about 50 damaged muskets, sponges, rammers, and iron handspikes shipped on steamer Spaudling.

Companies C and F left this post last night on steamer Spaulding, to proceed to Fort Johnson for duty, with Lieutenant-Colonel Did. They were replaced by 150 men of the two reserve regiments of Colquitt's brigade, under command of Captain G. W. Warthen.

Nearly the whole garrison at work the entire night. No casualties. Land batteries commenced firing at 6 a. m., firing slowly.

August 26 (journal).-The entire day, 130 shots and shells were fired at this post; 45 struck outside, 45 inside, and 40 missed.

Fire to-day slack and inexact; damage not very perceptible. Most of the holes stopped on the outside last night are undisturbed, and but one or two new ones made on east scarp. Southeast pan coupe and east magazine received most of to-day's outside shots. The upper courses of east solid angle of stone re-enforce to east magazine a little displaced by fire to-day. This angle never yet has been protected by falling rubbish, excepting for two-thirds of its height, some 10 feet.

Rain and want of sand-bags delayed engineer work; filling holes in outside on gorge and east front; building up traverses by rifled 42-pounded on east barbette.

Unloaded steamer Etiwan of bags of sand.

A large quantity of 10-inch mortar shells were shipped during the night on steamer Etiwan.

The garrison at work the entire night.

No casualties to-day. Embrasures to casemates in proceeds of being bricked up.

August 27 (journal).-Only 4 shots were fired during the day, evidently at the flag; all went over. Consequently no increase of damage to works.

Working parties finished heavy traverse over 42-pounder rifle gun, east barbette battery; repaired others on same. Discharged steamer Etiwan, bringing 500 bags of sand from Sullivan's Island.

About 400 10-inch shots and shell, 1 parapet gun, 1 lot sabots, tin straps, brass fuses, blocks, one box bridge sights, 6 boxes 9-inch Dahlgreen shells, 1 9-inch Dahlgren gun; 1 lot of axles, wheelers, &c., for columbiad carriage; 1 lot elevating screws, were shipped at 4.30 a. m. by steamer Etiwan.

The 9-inch gun, mentioned above, and 10-inch columbiads on northwest pan coupe thrown over the parapet during the night, by mr. J. Fraser Mathewes.

Breaking up of embrasures in lower tier casemates completed.

Garrison at work the whole day and night. No casualties.

August 28 (journal).-The entire day, 6 shots were fired; 3 struck outside, 3 missed.

No increase of damage to works. Working parties during the