War of the Rebellion: Serial 046 Page 0615 Chapter XL. BOMBARDMENT OF FORT SUMTER, S. C.

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two 42-pounders, rifled, were disabled. The flag-staff was shattered and the flag was four times shot away. The fire ceased t 7 p. m.

Traverses on east face have been repaired and rebuilt; traverse over 42-pounder rifle gun built up 4 feet.

East front, scarp wall, deep penetrations on the level of the second tier of casemates; worst displacement under traverses. Upper part of re-enforce to west magazine gone, and one crater in old wall. The demolition of gorge rampart increased. We st magazine re-enforce, no increased damage. Northwest scarp wall penetrated at seven upper and five lower casemates; breaches 8 by 10 and 6 by 8 through two of them. Stairway at salient demolished; only two traverse circles of barbette battery, northeast face, in good condition; east barracks badly damaged.

At 6.30 p. m. 5 11-inch shots were fired at the Ironsides.

Handspikes, elevating bars, spongers, rammers, worms, scrapers, friction-tubes, blocks, set of eccentric exiles, &c., for columbiad; 8 sets of traversing gear, and 9,700 pounds of powder, were shipped; also 12 bags of sugar.

Captain Gaillard's company (K) was sent to Sullivan's Island. Casualties [nominal list omitted]: 1 man dangerously, 4 slightly wounded; 2 negroes, severely.

August 22.-The enemy opened again this morning at 6 o'clock Up to 9 a. m. 266 shots have been fired; 76 struck outside, 85 inside, 105 over. Casualties, 1 man wounded.

The general commanding and staff visited the fort last evening after the firing ceased, accompanied by Colonel Gilmer, chief engineer, and Lieutenant-Colonel Harris, chief engineer of the department. One of the rifled 42-pounders, northeast face, which was put in condition last night, was totally disabled this morning. The Brooke gun is also disabled, leaving only seven serviceable guns now on the ramparts.

August 22 (journal).-During the entire day, 604 shots and shells were fired at this fort; 203 struck outside, 216 inside, 185 missed. All the barbette guns have been disabled, with the exception of the 11-inch Dahlgren and a 10-inch columbiad, east face. The east parapet has been much shattered and undermined; east front scaled by slant fire; large crates under traverses; principal injury at level of arches and terre-plain; magazine safe; 1 man slightly wounded.

August 23, 2.30 p. m. (telegram).-While at dinner-table a shell burst just above our mess-room, parts of the shell coming through on the dinner-table and throwing down brick. Lieutenant Boulston was seriously bruised; Lieutenant Scanlan, slightly, in the arm; Captain Fleming, bruised; Lieutenant Fickling, slightly hurt; myself slightly hurt.

August 23 (journal).-Another attempt to hurl 10-inch columbiad off northwest pan coupe was made during the night; the work done was inconsiderable. Traverses over rifled 42-pounder raised 2 feet higher, and northeast traverses thickened to height of 3 feet.

The gang of negroes was relieved by others.

Two hundred 8-inch shell were shipped.

Monitors engaged fort 3.15 a. m. to 5.30 a. m., firing on line east of pan coupe and western magazine; time fuse and rifle shell. One sent particle of shell into ordnance store; one threw sand from below into magazine passage. No material damage done to magazine.

Two 15-inch shell made breaches in east parapet. Number of shots and shell fired by monitors, 27 outside, 15 inside, 17 missed.