War of the Rebellion: Serial 046 Page 0614 Chapter XL. S. C. AND GA. COASTS, AND IN MID. AND E. FLA.

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One heavy 10-inch columbiad, east face, and 1 rifled 42-pounder, northeast face, disabled.

The flag-staff is disabled, and the flag twice shot away. A shell came into the adjutant's office, knocking the desks to pieces, but the papers have been saved.

A 75-pounder Whitworth shot has been found in the fort. The following ordnance stores were shipped: 11-inch shell, 10-inch shell, 10-inch shot, 42-pounder shell, 32-pounder shell, cartridges, bags, sponges and staves, rammers, scoops, worms, scrapers, handspikes, and 900 pounds of power.

All the powder from east magazine taken out, and wall found to be cracked in west corner.

Commissary stores, 120 barrels of pork and 75 barrels of flour.

One negro died suddenly of disease of heart, and 1 slightly wounded. Hospital traverse completed. Strengthened revetment to western magazine. Threw over traverse from gorge wall. Started traverse sand.

August 21, 7.40 a. m. (telegram).-The enemy are enfilanding our east face this morning. One heavy 1--inch and a rifled 32-pounder in Harleston's battery, are disabled. I expect both batteries will go to-day.

August 21, 10.55 a. m. (telegram).-The fire of the enemy is very heavy on the east battery, and, should the fleet come up, I do not think the men could stay at the guns. Our flag has been twice shot away this morning.


All other batteries are ordered on the qui vive, should the fleet attempt to come in, or come within their range to aid in the attack on Fort Sumter.


Assistant Adjutant-General.

August 21, 11.45 a. m. (telegram).-We have now only nine effective guns en barbette, and the probabilities are that this afternoon most of them will be disabled.

August 21, 8.45 p. m. (telegram).-The firing ceased at 7 p. m. It has been very heavy all day. Since 5 a. m. 923 shots were fired; 445 struck outside, 259 inside, 219 passed over. The eastern face has been pretty well battered.

One 10-inch columbiad and one 8-inch columbiad, east face, and two rifled 42-pounders, northeast face, were disabled. Seven serviceable guns are now on the parapet.

Private Thomas Powers, Company B, wounded severally, leg amputated above knee. Privates H. Robertson and William Dumphries, Company F, slightly, Corporal [Henry] O'Neil and Private [Thomas

Goggins, Company K, slightly. Two negroes-Daniel, slave of Mr. Purvis, and Isaac, slave of Mr. Marmins-dangerously wounded.

Flag-staff shot down four times.

August 21 (journal).-A heavy and continuous fire was kept up during the entire day. The following number of shots and shells were fired, viz, 943; 465 struck outside, 259 inside, 219 passed over.

One 10-inch columbiad and one 8-inch columbiad, east face, and