War of the Rebellion: Serial 046 Page 0613 Chapter XL. BOMBARDMENT OF FORT SUMTER, S. C.

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August 20 (journal).-The enemy kept up a heavy and continuous fire during the whole day, but increasing perceptibly toward the afternoon; 879 shots and shells were fired; 408 struck outside, 296 inside and 175 passed over. At 12.15 p. m. the flag was shot away. The greater part of the george wall has fallen, the debris from the upper rivetting in a manner the lower floors. The northwest terre-plein has to a great degree fallen in, and the wall has several clean breaches, one whole casemate being knocked through. One 42-pounder rifle gun, northeast battery firing at 7.15 a. m. Captain Gaillard was slightly wounded, and Captain Fleming struck, though not hurt. Private [James] Connelly, Company K, slightly wounded.

Some large holes opened through northwest scarp wall by reverse firing to-day. Sioux upper and three lower embrasures scattered. One opening 8 by 10 feet. East scarp wall, damage very slight. Southeast pan coupe batter under traverse, and one-half parapet in its front fallen. Eastern magazine re-enforce stone work, damage slight; now covered by rubbish from upper part, which is half gone; some way rubbish from upper rooms have covered the lower. Worst effect to-day is demolishing some 7 feet of arch and rampart for length of yet.

August 20, 12.40 p. m. (telegram).-If I send out, two companies, F and K, it will leave us but 200 men for duty-out of these to be taken magazine men, police, cooks, old guard, and new guard.

I do not think it would be advisable to send volunteers among our garrison at this time; think it would have a bad effect. Company K has been ordered to hold itself in readiness to more this evening.

The firing this morning has been exceedingly heavy, more destructive than it has ever been. Our flag has just been shot away and replaced.


One company will be removed from Fort Sumter to-night.


Assistant Adjutant-General.

August 20, 9.30 p. m. (telegram).-The battery in marsh near Black Island appears to be built of sand, and is probably a sand battery.

The fire this afternoon was the heaviest that has taken place.

Eight hundred and seventy-nine shots were fired to-day; 428 outside, 476 inside, 175 over. The gorge face has been much battered, and the quarter [greater] portion of it has fallen. The lower rooms, however, are in a manner rivetted by the debris from the upper. The northwest wall has been breached clearly in several places, and one casemate second door [floor] is entirely knocked through. Large portions of terre-plain have fallen. The rifled 42-pounder, Captain Flaming's battery, and the left rifled 42-pounder, Captain Harleston's battery, have been disabled. Captain Harleston is slightly wounded, though painfully, by a shell. Captain Flaming was struck, though not hurt, by a shell. Private Connelly, Company K, slightly.

August 21.-The enemy opened at 5 a. m. a heavy enfilading fire on east battery.