War of the Rebellion: Serial 046 Page 0612 Chapter XL. S. C. AND GA. COASTS, AND IN MID. AND E. FLA.

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and light is showing through three or four of the casemates of george wall. One mortar dismounted, and bed town and broken. Seven casemates, west face, are shattered; three piers shot away, and three more shattered on second tier. The same for first tier. A good part of terre-plein fads fallen in. One killed and 4 wounded.

Seven hundred and sixty-three shots to-day, 398 struck outside, 236 inside, and 129 over.

August 19 (journal).-The fires occurred during the day. These fires were promptly extinguished by the officer of the day, ably and gallantly assisted by Sergeant [Theodore] Schaeffer, Company H, acting provost sergeant of the garrison, who went among the ruins repeatedly, directly in the line of fire from the enemy, and put out the fires.

August 19, 5.30 p. m. (telegram.) -The following intercepted dispatch forwarded from bathing house to Captain Tucker:*

The admiral is going to try Fort Sumter, and wishes hot fire when he gets in.



August 19 (journal. The Ironsides moved up, and we opened at long range upon her from a few guns; 4 shots were fired. The fire of the enemy slackened during the heat of the day, and again increased in rapidity toward the afternoon till 7 o'clock, when the fire for the night was reduced to 1 shot in thirty minutes. Sevens hundred and eighty shots and shells were fired; 408 struck outside, 241 inside, and 131 over.

About one-half of gorge wall has fallen, exposing the arches and sand in rooms, the sand-bag traversion protecting the lower rooms to west of the old sally-ports. A large part of the remaining george wall will fall shortly. Three of casemates were opened through sand.

On north face seven casemates in the upper and lower tier are badly shattered, several of them being clean breaches. Almost every one of the piers sustaining the terre-plein re badly shattered. Part of the terre-plein has already fallen in, and more is continually going.

Magazine still reported safe.

The 10-inch mortar in parade is dismounted and bed broken and shattered. Two of the rooms on east side of sally-port on gorge face have been repacked and rammed with sand. The hospital has been traversed, and the revetment to western magazine raised higher.

No casualties after 9 a. m. Fifteen men of Company E. who have been on detached service at Battery Wagner, were sent to Castle Pickney to rest.

August 20, 3 a. m. (telegram).-I have shipped by steamiest Sumter and Etiwan 35,000 pounds of powder, between 300 and 400 32 pounder rifle shells, besides 7-inch projectiles, &c.

August 20.-The enemy opened a heavy fire at 5 a. m. and is still keeping it up. Up to this time, 9 a. m., 244 shots have been made- 136 outside, 69 inside, and 39 over. The double-banded rifled 42-pounder, east face, has been disabled.

Twenty-five thousand pounds powder, 275 32-pounder shells, 200 Brooke bolts, 25 11-inch shells, 1 set of wheels, axles, &c., were shipped during the night, but no guns can be removed. No casualties.


* See also Ripley's dispatches of this date, p. 383.