War of the Rebellion: Serial 046 Page 0611 Chapter XL. BOMBARDMENT OF FORT SUMTER, S. C.

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minutes to prevent working. Mr. Johnson will endeavor, however, to fix the western magazine. The damage done to gorge face since, the general was here is considerable, Engineers will report and I will forward report. All the guns on northwest face have been disabled, excepting one 8-inch columbiad and one 42-pounder, including the big 10-inch columbiad.

August 18, 10.15 a. m. (telegram). -It is impossible to get out a gun to-day. The sally-port and the way to it covered with rubbish, and shells continually bursting near. Two 42-pounders were taken off parapet last night, but could not be out on the wharf.

August 18, 11.25 a. m. (telegram).-It is simply impossible to dismount or remove one disabled gun to-day.

August 18 (journal).-No firing took place from this fort. The enemy opened fire with rapidity at 5 a. m . and continued till 7 p. m. Eight hundred and seventy-six shots and shells were fired; 452 struck outside, 244 inside 180 passed over. All the guns on gorge face have been disabled but one rifled 32-pounder and one 24-pounder. Both guns on west face disabled. All the guns on northwest face unserviceable. The two 10-inch columbiads, right of flag-staff, disabled. The Brooke gun on southeast angle had its carriage shattered, but was remounted during the night.

The garrison flag was twice cut away. The sand-bag revetment to western magazine was raised 2 feet higher during the night; three shot holes higher up were filled; the whole of lower magazine thus defended.

Traverse on southeast pan coupe raised 2 feet higher.

Floors of both upper magazines covered with 4 feet of sand.

Stewart, cockswain, severely wounded in arm; [John] Bennett corporal, Company B, slightly wounded; N. F. Devereux, engineer department, slightly wounded.

August 19.- An attempt was made last night to get one of the disabled 10-inch columbiads ready for shipment, but it was found to be impossible.

The enemy opened fire gain this morning at 4.30 o'clock, and up to the present time, 9.10 a. m., 245 shots and shells have been fired; 140 struck outside, 77 inside, and 28 passed over.

Casualties: Private [William] Fink, Company twice; Private [Z.]Homles, Company, slightly wounded; Private [Edward] Hatcher, Company C, slightly wounded.

All george guns useless.

August 19, 9.50 (telegram). We need all the garrison we have to hold the fort, and are short of officer. The firing morning is the heaviest yet and the walls are seriously damaged. One killed and 4 wounded this morning. All gorge guns useless. Middleton went to town last night.

August 19, 10.50-The first shot passed through the george [wall], coming out of the room on the right of the adjutant's office. The room is known as General Ripley's room (10 o'clock and 20 minutes). Shot struck close under the arch where there is little sand.

August 19, 12m.-This Sumter slipped her ropes and left the wharf, with 190 barrels of powder aboard. Will try and ship the remainder by Etiwan this evening, if possible./

August 19, 12.10 p. m . (telegram).-The width of 20 feet of the george wall has fallen, and two-thirds will probably be down to-morrow,