War of the Rebellion: Serial 046 Page 0610 Chapter XL. S. C. AND GA. COASTS, AND IN MID. AND E. FLA.

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striking outside; 1 shot passed through parapet above terre-plein, and the parapet also received another bulging shot. One man, Company K, slightly wounded.

One 8-inch columbiad carriage and chassis were shipped during the night.

Four hundred and fifty labors have been employed by engineer department; 2,300 sand-boats were piled on outside of gorge wall, and the western magazine arches have been filled over. The blindage for cover of troops has been carried on.

August 17.-The enemy opened fire upon us at a. m. Nine o'clock, 159 shots shell have struck outside; 68 shots and shell have struck [inside]; 83 shots and shell have passed over or fell short.

One 32-pounder rifle gun has had its trunnion shot away. The upright to carriage of 10-inch columbiad on salient angle has been shot away. The inside of the fort buildings has been much torn. The damage to outside has not yet been ascertained. The firing is still going on.

Our chief blacksmith, [William] Barringer, Company K, Has been killed; 1 corporal has been severally, and 5 men slightly, wounded, from Company C; 1 man, Company D, and 1, Company B, Slightly wounded by bricks. Lieutenant Rhett and John Middleton have been slightly bruised by bricks.

At 5 a. m. the enemy opened from land batteries on Morris Island with seven guns, five 200-pounder Parrotts and two lighter guns Fire was opened at the same time upon Battery Wagner and Battery Gregg, the Ironsides and monitors participating in the attack on those batteries at 6 a. m. At 10.45 a. m. the Ironsides and two monitors moved up and commenced fire upon the fort. At 11.15 a. m. we opened upon the iron-clads and continued fire until 1.30 p. m., when the enemy withdrew and our fire was stopped. The following number of rounds were expended, viz, 64.

From 5 a. m., August 17, to 5 a. m., August 18,948 shots and shell have ben fired; 445 struck outside, 233 inside, and 270 passed over. The firing during the day was very rapid; during the night, 1 shot if in fifteen minutes. The engineer will make report as regards injury done the fort.

The western magazine has been traversed on the outside to a thickness of 10 feet and to a height equal to first story. The second floor of eastern magazine has been covered with 4 feet of sand, and the same floor of western magazine with 18 inches. A few sand-bags were also placed to assist in protection of hospital.

Our 32-pounder rifle had trunnion shot away. On northwest face two 10-inch columbiad, one 9-inch Dahlgreen, one 8-inch columbiad, and two 42-pounders were disabled. The two 42-pounders were taken from parapet to parade during the night, to be shipped.

All the wounded enlisted men* have been sent to the city.

August 17, 11 p. m.-Nine hundred and nineteen shots have been fired; 455 struck outside, 218 inside, and 266 passed over. Casualties: Barringer, Company K, killed; Lieutenant Rhett John Middleton, and John Johnson, engineer, slightly wounded; Corporal [Patrick] Charles, Company C, severely wounded; Quartermaster-Sergeant [William] Nicol, four fingers cut from left hand, and 12 privates slightly wounded. The enemy are still firing once in fifteen


* Nominal list of casualties reports Private Barringer, Company K, First South Carolina Artillery, killed, and 3 officers and 14 men wounded.