War of the Rebellion: Serial 046 Page 0609 Chapter XL. BOMBARDMENT OF FORT SUMTER, S. C.

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August 13.-The Mary Francis arrived at 6 a. m., with ammunition and stores for Morrison Island and this post. The enemy fired 3 shots, all striking outside, 1 injuring parapet on gorge face.

The engineer work on the outside of george face has to be stopped during the day on account of the enemy's shells.

Mortar firing was kept up during the entire night. The following ammunition was expended: 28 10-inch columbiad carriage and classes is ready for shipment. The 32-pounder rifle which was struck was found to be cracked, and was dismounted. The one to the right of it was shifted in its place. Four gunboats came up during the day and threw several shots at this fort. One came in, bursting beneath the platform of one of the mortars, temporarily disabling it. Ten shots struck the fort during the day, injuring no one. The greatest penetration, 4 feet.

The second and third traverses on east face have been very nearly completed. The revetment to gorge face is still being carried on.

August 14.-Two shots struck the fort this morning. A schooner loaded with sand dragged her anchor during the night and was wrecked near the northeast face of fort. Two men on board were saved. One of the shots this morning carried away the top of flagstaff near southeast angle of fort.

Mortar firing was kept up during the entire night from one mortar. The mortar platform, which was disabled, has been repaired, but the work was finished so late that the direction could not be obtained. The following ammunition was expended: 35 10-inch mortar shell. The 10-inch columbiad next to salient was dismounted during the night, to be shifted to salient.

A force of 470 laborers and mechanics has been engaged, in two reliefs, fay and night, upon the defenses of the fort. Two sand-bag traverses on east face have been completed and the arches of western magazine covered over. The crib work on east face is being taken away to construct blindages for shelter under george wall on interior of fort. During the night 3,0-00 sand-bags were received and 2,500 were built up on exterior of gorge.

The fort was struck five times from land batteries and once by shell from gunboats. Assistant Engineers White and Mikell reported for duty during the night.

August 15.-Mortar firing from both, mortars in the parade was kept up during the entire night; 37 10-inch mortar shell were fired. There 10-inch columbiad was mounted during the night on salient. One 10-inch mortar and bed and one 8-inch columbiad carriage and chassis are ready for shipment. Two shots were fired at this fort from Abolition land batteries in the afternoon; both passed over.

Force employed by engineers for past twenty-four hour, 450. The filling of arches over western magazine has been completed. The erecting of blindage shelter under inside of gorge face is being carried on; 2,928 bags of sand were built up on outside of force, to a level with top of second-story windows, in a two-bag thickness; tonight it will be up to top of parapet in western half. To the east of caponiere no works has yet been done.

August 16.-Mortar firing was kept up during the entire night from 8 p. m. The following ammunition was expended: 34 10-inch mortar shells.

Forty-eight shots and shell were fired at this fort during the afternoon; 4 passed over, 4 or 5 feel short, 10 struck inside, and the remainder outside. The pintle of one 24-pounder was loosened by shot