War of the Rebellion: Serial 046 Page 0578 S. C. AND GA. COASTS, AND IN MID. AND E. FLA. Chapter XL.

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10-inch mortar. One rifled 32-pounder was removed from northeast casemate and mounted on gorge.

The rooms on upper floor will be completed in about twelve hours.

The gate of new sally-port was hung to-day.

The following ammunition was expended: 10-inch shell, -; 9-inch shells, 5; 7-inch rifle shells, 4; 32-pounder shells, 3; 10-inch columbiad shells, 3.

August 7.-The following ammunition was expended: 10-inch mortar shells, 10; 9-inch Dahlgren shells, 1; 9-inch shot, 2; 8-inch shot, 1; 7-inch rifle shells, 1; 7-inch rifle bolts, 2.

The second 10-inch mortar was mounted in the parade. A 24-pounder was brought from gorge and is now on wharf ready for shipment.

Merlons have been put between the guns on eastern face. A traverse is being built at southeastern angle, to protect guns on eastern face. It is already near the level of the parapet.

Two attempts to raise the 10-inch mortar which fell overboard while being shipped for Morris Island were made during the night, but failed.

August 8.-Mortar firing was kept up at this fort during the entire night. The following ammunition was expended: 10-inch mortar shells, 52; 7-inch rifle shells, 6; 8-inch columbiad shells, 14.

The double-banded 7-inch Brooke gun was dismounted during the night and will be ready for transportation to-day. The 10-inch mortar that fell overboard was raised and carried to Morris Island. Two 24-pounders are on the wharf ready for transportation.

The merlons and traverse at southeast angle of fort is being pushed forward by the engineer department as rapidly as possible.

August 9.-Mortar firing was kept up during the entire night at intervals of thirty minutes. The following ammunition was expended: 19 10-inch mortar shells.

Four steamboats, vi, De Kalb, Etiwan, Rebel, and Sumter, arrived about 6 p. m., loaded with sand in bags. Two 24-pounders were shipped to the city. One 32-pounder field gun was removed from northeast casemate to parapet on gorge face. The Brooke gun is ready for shipment.

The traverse and melons on southeast angle are nearly completed. A small bomb-proof for ammunition chests is also being built on southeast angle.

August 10, 7.10 a. m.-The enemy have opened on Wagner heavily with his land batteries and monitors.

August 10.-Mortar firing from the two mortars in the parade was kept up during the entire night. The following ammunition was expended: mortar shells, 49; 32-pounder rifled shells, 2.

The double-banded Brooke gun was shipped. The Brooke gun from salient angle was shifted to southeast angle. A 32-pounder rifle gun was mounted don gorge face.

The engineer work is being advanced as rapidly as the force on hand will allow. The traverse an southeast angle has been completed, and the outside of gorge is now strengthened with sand.

Several steamers arrived about 9.30 p. m., on their way to Morris Island, but the enemy having a powerful Drummond light shining on the point, they returned to the city.

August 11.-The third 10-inch mortar was brought during the night from gorge face and landed in the parade.

Mortar firing was kept up from 9.30 p. m. The following ammu-