War of the Rebellion: Serial 046 Page 0577 Chapter XL. OPERATIONS ON MORRIS ISLAND, S. C.

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both evidently from a corps of observation stationed for that purpose. Captain Harleston, with detachment of Company D, who have gone to Morris Island for the past three nights to month two 10-inch columbiads, had to be brought over this morning in small boats at 3 o'clock August 1, the steamer being unable to go from them. The provisions for Charleston Battalion were carried in same manner.

August 2.-At 1 p. m. the enemy commenced a rapid bombardment of Battery Wagner from his mortars; we replied vigorously, and the enemy slackened their fire in about one hour.

The following ammunition was expended, viz: 32-pounder rifle shells, 2; 7-inch rifle shells, 10; 10-inch columbiad shells 30; 10-inch mortar shells, 13; 9-inch Dahlgren shells, 12; 8-inch columbiad shells, 40.

The engineer work is still progressing, and five rooms on upper floor are filled; two are in progress. The wharf sunk so much yesterday, that it broke in, and it is now dangerous to carry heavy guns on it to be shipped. It is now being repaired. Captain Harleston, with a detachment of Company D, again went to Morris Island last night and succeeded in mounting the second 10-inch columbiad.

Two mechanics have been sent from this post to repair guns at Battery Wagner. The ammunition for Battery Wagner had to be carried from this post last night by a crew detailed from this garrison with our post.

The steamer Sumter was driven away from Morris Island last night. She was forced to return here without landing provisions. A crew was detailed from this garrison, and the rations and ordnance stores were carried over in barges. The signals on arrival and departure of Sumter at Morris were signaled by the enemy with a single rocket from apparently the position where the steamboat Manigault was burned.

The engineer work is still progressing,but no more rooms have been completed. One mortar and bed were taken down from the terre-plain and is now ready for shipment.

August 4.-There was no firing from this fort. A smooth-bore 32-pounder, which has been lying on the south wharf, was brought in to be mounted in casemate. The 10-inch mortar mounted on the wharf was also brought in, to be mounted in parade.

A boat's cree for this garrison was employed during the greater part of the night in transporting provisions to Morris Island.

Lieutenant Alston, with detachment of 14 men, Company E,left during the night for Battery Wagner.

The engineer work is still being pushed forward, and seven rooms on upper floor are filled. Two rooms on upper floor and the south sally-port are the only ones remaining.

August 5.-A 10-inch mortar was mounted in the parade and a platform for another is nearly completed. A 42-pounder carriage and chassis (barbette) arrived.

The last two rooms on upper floor are being filled with cotton and sand.

Company H was transported to Morris Island last night, and Company C relieved and transported here by our own boats.

Eighteen 7-inch rifle shell and 3 32-pounder rifle shell were fired at the enemy's batteries during the afternoon.

August 6.-One 24-pounder was dismounted from gorge, as also 1.