War of the Rebellion: Serial 046 Page 0576 S. C. AND GA. COASTS, AND IN MID. AND E. FLA. Chapter XL.

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The eight rooms on lower tier gorge face have nearly been completed. One room, on second tier, was commenced at 12 m., and is now about half filled. The earth is being taken from the parade.

During the night we kept up a fire from this post at intervals of fifteen minutes. The following ammunition was expended, viz: 10-inch columbiads shells, 10; 8-inch columiad shells, 7; 9-inch Dahlgren shells, 8; 7-inch rifled shells, 4; 32-pounder rifle shells, 10.

July 29 (extract from journal).-The engineer work is still progressing, and all the lower rooms have been filled. Two of the upper rooms are now being worked at.

Several shots were fired at the ironsides about 1 p. m., and during the night, at intervals of fifteen minutes, we shelled the enemy's upper battery.

The following ammunition was expended: 10-inch shells, 12; 9-inch shells, 4; 8-inch shells, 8; 42-pounder shells, 10; 32-pounder shells, 9.

One 8-inch columbiad, chassis and carriage, were dismounted during the night and placed on the wharf ready for shipment.

July 30 (extract from journal).-The Ironsides moved up at 12.20 p. m. and opened fire upon Battery Wagner. After repeated shots from this fort, she retired at 1.15 p. m.

A monitor was fired at several times between 6.30 p. m. and 7 p. m.

One of the rooms on upper floor has been completed and two more are in process of being filled, and the work is being carried on as rapidly as possible.

One 42-pounder, with carriage and chassis, was dismounted during the night, as also an 8-inch navy shell gun, 55 cwt. Both are on the wharf ready for shipment.

July 31, 4 a. m.-The enemy opened fire upon Battery Wagner with six mortars. We replied at intervals of two minutes between each gun. The firing ceased about 5.30 a. m.

The following ammunition was expended, viz: 10-inch columbiad shells, 18; 8-inch columbiad shells, 6; 7-inch Brooke rifle shells, 3; 9-inch Dahlgren shells, 12; 32-pounder rifled shells, 6.

July 31.-Seven 10-inch mortar shells were fired between 7 p. m. and 8.30 p. m. from mortar mounted on end of wharf, on southern face.

One 8-inch navy shell gun, 63 cwt., was dismounted, and is on the wharf ready for shipment.

The engineer work is still progressing, and two rooms on second floor are filled; three more are in different stages of completion.

August 1.-At 3.45 a. m. the enemy again opened upon Battery Wagner from his mortars. We replied.

The following ammunition has been expended during the past twenty-four hours: 10-inch mortar shells, 7; 10-inch columbiad shells, 5; 7-inch rifled shells, 1.

August 1.-The day was unusually quiet, and no firing took place from this fort except from 10-inch mortar on end of wharf. The following ammunition was expended: Six 10-inch mortar shells. Two rifle 32-pounders were dismounted and taken outside the fort. The wharf proper has sunken much from the length of time that guns have been left there before being taken off. No more rooms have been started by engineer; work still progressing.

At 9.05 p. m. the enemy opened fire upon steamer Chesterfield,landing at Cumming's Poist. At 9.15 p. m. she got off uninjured. Just before the firing commenced, a rocket was thrown up from somewhere in the marsh, and as soon as the steamer started another was fired,