War of the Rebellion: Serial 046 Page 0575 Chapter XL. OPERATIONS ON MORRIS ISLAND, S. C.

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fourths completed. The sand is being taken from the second-tier casemates on northeast face. The work is still being pushed forward as rapidly as possible.

One 10-inch columbiad was dismounted during the night from northwest face, and put upon the wharf. The following shells were fired during the night, viz: 10-inch shells, 88; 9-inch shells, 9; 32-pounder rifled shells, 20; Brooke shells, 14; Brooke bolts, 6. Bunks and all combustible material have been taken from the men's quarters, and the temporary buildings in the parade taken down.

July 25 (extract from journal).-During the morning the enemy kept up a fire upon this fort, at long intervals, from 32-pounder Parrott guns.

During the day and night we shelled the enemy's rifle-pits and lower battery. There were 104 shells fired during the whole time.

Five rooms on gorge face have been filled with cotton and sand. One 10-inch columbiad carriage and chassis were shipped during the night to Sullivan's Island.

July 26 (extract from journal).-During the night the shelling of the enemy's batteries was kept up from this post at intervals of fifteen minutes.

The following ammunition was expended: 10-inch columbiad shells, 26; 8-inch columbiad shells, 13; 9-inch Dahlgren shells, 4; 7-inch rifled shells, 5; 32-pounder rifle shells, 3.

An 8-inch navy shell gun was dismounted during the night and is on the wharf ready for shipment.

The engineer work is till being carried on, and the sally-port on gorge face is now being filled, as also guard-room and cells.

July 27 (extract from journal).-A fire on the enemy's upper battery was kept up during the entire night at intervals of fifteen minutes.

The following ammunition was expended: 10-inch shells, 20; 8-inch shells, 12; 9-inch shells, 28.

Two 8-inch columbiads, two carriages, and two chassis were dismounted during the night, and all on the wharf ready for shipment.

The filling of the rooms on gorge face with cotton and san is pushed forward as rapidly as possible by the engineer department; six filled, eight to be filled.

July 28.-Two monitors have just opened on Battery Wagner; land batteries still firing.

July 28, 10.30 a. m.-The enemy have opened two mortar batteries on Battery Wagner; one wooden gunboat also firing.

July 28.-Enemy have put up some traverses to protect their battery near Graham's house. Do not think they have done anything at the battery nearest Wagner. Enemy opened from their mortars this morning about 4 o'clock. All quiet now. Four monitors to be seen; one monitor has the awnings off, also the Ironsides.

July 28, 11 p. m.-There are three monitors and the Ironsides lying off Battery Wagner, and the enemy are signalizing and throwing up rockets front one on their gunboats inside.

July 28 (extract from journal).-Two 8-inch columbiads were shipped from this post at 2 p. m. At 3 p. m. one 8-inch navy shell gun, 55 cwt., was placed on the wharf ready for shipment. All these guns have 100 rounds of ammunition shipped with them.

During the day two more 8-inch columbiads, two chassis, and two carriages were dismounted and placed on the wharf ready to be sent away.