War of the Rebellion: Serial 046 Page 0572 S. C. AND GA. COASTS, AND IN MID. AND E. FLA. Chapter XL.

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July 11.-The monitors are coming up the channel in the same manner as yesterday afternoon.

July 11, 11.30.-The are eight wooden gunboats and one supply ship inside of the bar. The gunboats have fired a few round shot at Battery Wagner. I do not consider it safe to send a steamer to Morris Island at present.

July 11, 12.35.-The wooden gunboats are shelling the batteries on Morris Island with rifled shells. Yates is not replying to them; I expect the wants shells for his rifled gun.

July 11, 12.54.-The enemy have ceased firing on Morris Island.

July 12.-The enemy have ceased firing for some time. We are shelling Morris Island slowly. Yates is also shelling.

July 16.-One monitor and three wooden gunboats shelling Battery Wagner. I am shelling new batteries on Morris Island with Broken gun.

July 17, 7.50 a. m.-Steamer Chesterfield is going to Sullivan's Island immediately with ordnance and ordnance stores. On her return, will proceed to Morris Island with troops.

July 18 (to Brigadier-General Jordan).-I have the honor to forward the following extract from journal kept at this post, in compliance with Special Orders, Numbers 141, department headquarters:

July 17, at 2 p. m., the long roll was beaten. After remaining at battery for thirty minutes, and seeing no signs of an attack, the recall was sounded. This morning the shifting of a 32-pounder rifled gun from northwest cesemate battery to gorge battery was completed. At 6 a. m. one 10-inch sea-coast mortar and bed, with 296 shells, was shipped to Sullivan's Island.

At 6.30 p. m. the steamboats arriving at this wharf were fired into from a land battery on Morris Island.

This is the first shot fired from land in the direction of this fort. We replied by bursting 4 percussion shells on the island. The engineer work is progressing. Preparations are being made to re-enforce southern wall by filling officers' quarters with cotton bales and sand.

The lower casemates on western face are being converted into a hospital, and have advanced rapidly toward completion.

A sally-port is being cut on the western face to enable boats to arrive under cover of the fort, protected from the Abolition batteries.

At 7.30 p. m. 100 negro laborers arrived.

July 18 (extract from journal).-The enemy opened this morning from two newly constructed batteries on Morris Island-one at the base of the high hills on the lower part of island, consisting of apparently eight guns, and the other on the old site of Vinegar Hill, consisting of two guns and a mortar. By 11 a. m. three wooden gunboats, five monitors, and the Ironsides, had opened also upon Battery Wagner.

At this time the fire was exceedingly heavy, and as many as 27 shells per minute were seen to burst over and around the battery.

At 7.40 p. m. the enemy's land forces assaulted the battery, but after an engagement of three hours and five minutes they were repulsed. During the whole day we shelled the enemy's position and expended the following ammunition, viz: 10-inch columbiad shells, 45; 9-inch Dahlgren shells, 17; 8-inch columbiad shells, 30; 42-pounder rifled shells, 3; 32-pounder bolts, 18; 32-pounder rifle shells, 12=125 shots in all.

The engineer work is till progressing, and the hospital is nearly