War of the Rebellion: Serial 046 Page 0558 S. C. AND GA. COASTS, AND IN MID. AND E. FLA. Chapter XL.

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Fired, by order, at the old rifle-pits in front of Fort Wagner, with the columbiad, 4 solid shot; with the 24-pounder rifle, 8 shells; with 4.62-inch rifle, 18 shells. Some of the shots were very good, the round shot and shells being several times thrown into the enemy's works, but the failure of the shells to explode prevented the fire from being effective.

Captain Lee's engineer hands engaged widening the embrasures more to the southward. The borrow pits have been in a great measure drained; but this has been done by cutting through the roads and interior communications of the battery, so as to interfere with the moving of the guns, &c., from one part of the battery to another. It is probable, however, that this interruption of the communications is only temporary. Heavy rain about 6 p. m. lasting about an hour.

August 31.-J. H. Lopez, artificer, of Company A, South Carolina Siege Train, was sent to the city to endeavor to procure seasoned oak fore repairing mortar beds.

Lieutenant [Ralph] Nesbit sick. This is particularly in fortunate, as he was the only officer available for the special service of the rifle guns firing upon Morris Island. Application has been made to headquarters for a detail-of one, at least-of Captain [B. C.] Webb's (Company A, Siege Train) lieutenants, but no notice has been taken of it.

The companies and detachments (artillery) at Legare's Point inspected and mustered about 12 m. to-day.

In consequence of the high wind, Lieutenant Nesbit's sickness, and the occupation of other officers in inspection and muster and other duties usual on the last day of month, there was no firing from Battery Haskell to-day. These latter reasons would not be sufficient, and would not be given if it were not that it is seriously doubted whether, at 2 3/8 miles' range, and with a high wind blowing, we can effect anything with our shells, which do not explode.

Ninety-eight 8-inch columbiad shells and 200 sabots received at Battery Haskell to-day.

At 2.30 p. m. four monitors moved up and engaged Fort Moultrie, Battery Bee, Battery Beauregard, and Battery Greeg; all at long range excepting Battery Greeg. After about one and a half to two hours they retired, one, it is thought, precipitately.

Generals Taliaferro and Hagood, Colonels Roman, Lay, and others, visited Battery Haskell about 5 p. m.

The engineers engage to-day in strengthening the parapet of Battery Tatom (Point of Pines).

September 1.-All the officers very busy making up monthly returns-ordnance returns, weekly returns artillery, &c. Made report to chief of artillery of bursting of 4.62-inch gun, August 22, at Battery Haskell; also report of Captain Smith's trials in shelling Black Island from Point of Pines (Battery Tatom).

At 12.30 p. m. Generals Ripley and Taliaferro visited Battery Haskell.

At 1 p. m. engineer hands commenced repair of magazine at Battery Ryan.

At the same time, another party commenced a more thorough drainage of the interior of Battery Haskell. I visited Battery Cheves to see the 8-inch navy shell guns of 55 and 56 cwt., one of which is promised to Battery Haskell under certain contingencies. Took measurement of same in order to adapt a carriage to them.