War of the Rebellion: Serial 046 Page 0528 S.C. AND GA. COASTS, AND IN MID. AND E. FLA. Chapter XL.

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FORT SUMTER, July 20, 1863.

CAPTAIN: I send list as nearly correct as it is possible at present to get:

Company E, First Artillery: Captain Macbeth slightly wounded and taken prisoner; prisoners, 14 killed, 7; wounded, in hospital, 21. Total, 42.

Company I, First Artillery: Lieutenant Bee, wounded and taken prisoner; Lieutenant Heyward, taken prisoner; prisoners, 30; wounded, in hospital, 8. Total, 38.

Detachment Company H, First Artillery: Prisoners, 15; wounded, 9.

Detachment Company D, First Infantry [regulars]: Captain Haskell, [jr.,] killed; killed, wounded, and missing, 11.


Lieutenant-Colonel, &c.

Captain [W. F.] NANCE,

Assistant Adjutant-General.

Extracts from daily reports,* of Lieutenant Colonel Joseph A. Yates, First South Carolina Artillery, commanding artillery forces at Fort Johnson, August 18-September 7, 1863.

August 18, 12.35 p.m.-The enemy's fire this morning at Sumter, though heavy, is not accurate. I believe that Batteries Simkins and Cheves are annoying them very much. One 8-inch shell gun remounted. Send me carriages for the other three; also some fuses that will burst. I have not been able to burst one to-day.

August 20, 2 p.m.- From our batteries to-day we have blown up two ammunition chests of the enemy, and the report from Battery Wagner is that we dismounted one of their guns. Certainly, she has ceased firing .

5.40 p.m.-Our shooting is very good. I think the enemy's guns are becoming very much injured by such rapid firing at high elevations. Their projectiles tumble very much now, in their flight. Many of them go only about two-thirds of the way.

August 21, 2 p.m.-At present we have not three reliefs for our guns, which are firing night and day . Would like to have enough men for three reliefs. I think that one of the enemy's heavy guns has just busted.

August 22, 8 a.m.-Only three guns in all can bear upon the Marsh Battery. I am cutting away some of the traverses, so as to bring more on it. The gun is in close embrasure and I think will be hard to injure, but we will do our best presently.

10 a.m.-The enemy opened upon the city from Marsh Battery with rifle gun and upon Battery Cheves with mortars, at 12 o'clock last night. All of the batteries on this island which would bear were opened at 10 p.m. and continued firing during the night . With what effect I cannot say. This battery is quite small and at long range, consequently, the firing is uncertain.

3.29 p.m.-I cannot judge of the effect of the fire on Battery Wagner. We have been firing heavily on Marsh Battery; struck it often, but with no apparent effect. The embrasure is closed up with sand-bags. Could see but one man about the battery.


* Addressed to Captain W. F. Nance, assistant adjutant-general.