War of the Rebellion: Serial 046 Page 0461 Chapter XL. OPERATIONS ON MORRIS ISLAND, S.C.

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Ordnance Department.-Lieutenant Mazyck, ordnance officer, reports everything in his department working well, and asks that articles required for yesterday be furnished at once, as they are much needed. He also asks that an ordnance sergeant be appointed for the island, and also that competent men be placed permanently in the magazines.

Medical Department.-Senior Surgeon Johnson, calls attention to the want of ventilation in the bomb-proof and hospital, and begs that a medical inspector be sent to inspect the said place. There are no sick in the hospital, with the exception of Major H. Bryan, assistant adjutant-general. Major Bryan's illness arises from exhaustion, and I hope is only temporary. In the interval, Lieutenant Schnierle is acting as assistant adjutant-general.

Position of forces last night.-A detachment of Captain Hunter's company (A), Second Regiment Artillery; Captain Miles' company (E), Charleston Battalion (detachment); detachment Company C, Siege Train, Captain Gregg commanding, manned the artillery on the land face, supported on the right by Charleston Battalion, Lieutenant-Colonel Gaillard, and on left by detachment of Twenty-first Regiment, South Carolina Volunteers, Lieutenant-Colonel Dargan commanding.

On the sea face, two detachments of Captain Hunter's company (A), Second Regiment Artillery; detachment Captain Miles' company (E), Charleston Battalion, manned the artillery, supported by second detachment Twenty-first South Carolina Volunteers. Four companies Twentieth Regiment South Carolina Volunteers, Lieutenant-Colonel Dantzler commanding, in reserve in the parade; Nineteenth Georgia Regiment, Colonel A. J. Hutchins, was stationed in the sand-hills between Batteries Wagner and Gregg, picketing the beach, guarding the boat at Cumming's Point, supporting Battery Gregg, and furnishing fatigue party at that battery; Captain C. W. Parker, Company C, First South Carolina Regular Artillery, garrisoned Battery Gregg.

Commissary and Quartermaster Departments.-The above-mentioned departments are in good condition and well managed.

Incidents of the last twenty-four hours:

At 10 p.m., heavy firing of musketry was heard on the right of Battery Wagner. Since, learned that Lieutenant Warley, C. S. Navy, attacked and captured enemy's boat pickets. About 11 p.m. three monitors were discovered opposite Battery Wagner, within easy sight from the battery, and above them, in the direction of Cumming's Point, three barges filled with men and lying at anchor were observed. About daylight, the monitors and barges went toward the bar. Everything quiet after 11 p.m. until 5.30 o'clock this morning, when our sharpshooters opened a galling fire on the enemy; they immediately replied with sharpshooters and a battery of 24-pounder Coehorn mortars. This battery is situated within 20 steps of a chimney on the left of their line; the spot is known as Sagling's house; the distance is supposed to be 100 yards, judging only from sight. The enemy can be plainly seen from this battery carrying on their work on the extreme left of their lines, apparently working in the marsh.

No casualties on our side to-day. Enemy's shell annoy our men very much. In two hours they fired, according to report of Lieutenant [N. A.] Easterling (who was detailed to count the shots of the enemy), 15 shell an hour.

I beg leave respectfully to call your attention to the request of