War of the Rebellion: Serial 046 Page 0428 S.C. AND GA. COASTS, AND IN MID. AND E. FLA. Chapter XL.

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the main land, some few miles above Charleston, so that, should any accident befall our communications with the city, the island might be supplied above the bridges from the mainland, near Fort Pemberton.

I have ordered these depots to be established and ask the approval of the brigadier-general commanding.

I have received orders from the general commanding to keep on hand 15 days' rations on this island. I had already taken steps to secure this object.

In conclusion, I beg leave to submit for the consideration of the brigadier-general commanding, a recapitulation of the views contained in this communication.

First. For protecting the troops and adding to the defenses of the eastern face of the island.

Second. To obstructing the creek, &c., with torpedoes.

Third. To the supply of additional guns for the works.

Fourth. To the subdivision of the duties of ordnance officers and of additional officer.

Fifth. To the establishment of depots for supplying the quartermaster and commissary stores on the mainland.

September 4. 3.15 p.m. - This morning the Pawnee and another steamer came up the StoNumbers I was near Grimball's at the time. They stopped at Legareville and have not advanced higher. They are out of range of our masked battery.

7.20. Gunboats returned down Stono, and before leaving fired at Battery Pringle, 1 shot striking. They also fired on John's Island. Did not come within range of our masked battery, and did not appear to see it.

September 8. 5 p.m. - Attacked the enemy's pickets on Battery Island last night. Drove them off, and destroyed the bridge and landing, so cannot get to Horse Island.

Numbers 24. Reports of Brigadier General Johnson Hagood, C. S. Army, commanding on James Island, July 10-18, and on Morris Island, July 19-22, and August 6-10, and 21-25.

SECESSIONVILLE, July 11, 1863-10.25 p.m.

CAPTAIN: I think we have every reason to feel certain of an at tack, both from the Stono and from bays in rear, before or by daylight. I fear a landing in force at Legare's Point. Send me more troops at once if possible. I deem it very urgent. Send them to the neighborhood of Royal's house.



Captain W. F. NANCE,

Assistant Adjutant-General, First Military District.


Respectfully forwarded [to department headquarters] with the remark that four strong companies* have been ordered to the sup-


*Three companies of the Charleston Battalion (Lieutenant Colonel P. C. Gaillard), and detachment of the Sixty-third Georgia Infantry (Captain James T. Buckner).