War of the Rebellion: Serial 046 Page 0424 S.C. AND GA. COASTS, AND IN MID. AND E. FLA. Chapter XL.

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hence Lieutenant-Colonel Harris, chief engineer, has been instructed to commence, as soon as practicable, a new defensive line of four redans or redoubts (one-half to three-fourths of a mile apart) from Secessionville to Dill's residence, on the Stono; the first work for 3 guns, the second for four guns, the third (on Stono) for six guns, and the fourth (also on Stono) for four guns, their armament to come from the present lines and such guns as can be spared from Sumter or other forts.

Those new works will be made, as soon as practicable, into detached redoubts, connected together with cremaillere lines.

The lower work on the Stone should be heavily armed and the navigation of the river must be obstructed with a large quantity of torpedoes, from half to one and a half miles befow the fort.


General, Commanding.

[P. S.] - Send a copy of this indorsement to Brigadier-Generals Ripley and Taliaferro the latter to show his copy to Brigadier-General Hagood when he returns from Morris Island.

August 10, 11.45 a.m.- Major [John V.] Glover reports that he dispersed the enemy's working party between Black and Morris Islands after 4 shots from 10-pounder Parrott gun.

August 16, 10.15 p.m. - I will direct [Edward] Manigault to open upon the work in the marsh. Shall I yet open upon the enemy's batteries from Haskell and Ryan and the first redoubt? I had orders not to fire without orders from your headquarters.

August 20, 8.45 p.m. - The guns at Haskell can command Marsh Battery and I have directed fire to be opened on it whenever the enemy is seen, or at night. They are not visible to-day, and no work is done excepting at night. They are fired at them.

August 22, 2 p.m. - I will send to Haskell and inquire if effect of fire on Wagner could be ascertained. Have a staff officer there now. Major Manigault and Colonel Yates think the fire on the city was from the Marsh Battery. I have directed that it be played on as much as practicable but our 8-inch at Haskell cannot be traversed to bear on it. I have brought up a 20-pounder Parrott. The guns at Cheves have good play upon it, and Yates had better be ordered to destroy the work, if possible.*

August 22, 6.40. p.m. - No particular effect produced by enemy's fire on Wagner to-day, as far as could be ascertained from Battery Haskell. The fire reported nothing like so heavy as on Monday. Rifled 4, 62-inch gun burst this evening at Haskell, and mortar beds damaged and useless. Hit the Marsh Battery several times to-day.

8.25 p.m. - Since receiving your telegram, I have ordered our batteries to cease firing unless the enemy's guns open fire. Telegraph me when to reopen fire.

August 23, 12.45. - My only battery which can fire on the Marsh Battery is Haskell. I will open with every available gun punctually at 10 to-night. Did you send order to Yates, or must I? Answer. Shall I cut away the mortars so as to bring in play the 8-inch gun? Major Glover, commanding at Haskell, reports that no one has yet seen the Marsh Battery fire and he believes the guns are not mounted there yet.


*Yates has been ordered to do all he can with it. - NANCE, assistant adjutant-General.