War of the Rebellion: Serial 046 Page 0422 S.C. AND GA. COASTS, AND IN MID. AND E. FLA. Chapter XL.

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may be called the exterior line of defense. The several conditions of topography and the command of the country by the works of Secessionville induce me to believe that the salient of our line at the Artillery Cross-Roads will be the point of attack.

In this view, I have directed the field work at the Artillery Cross-Roads to be strengthened and a new work for field guns to be erected at a point of wood intermediate between the Artillery Cross-Roads and Battery Reid, and that rifle-pits and works for an infantry support be also constructed, and the ditch connecting Freer's Cross-Roads with the Artillery Cross-Roads be improved and embrasures cut for light guns, and where such embrasures have been cut that they should be improved. I have also directed the engineer to level the ditch banks, and fell such timber as interferes with the range of our guns, and such as will impede the approach of the enemy in front of this line.

I have to report that the interior line is in bad condition and much in want of improvement. There are no magazines, and the armament is of inferior character. I am of opinion that an additional work should be added upon the right of the first redoubt.

The western lines extend from the bridge across New Town Cut to Fort Pemberton. They consist of works along the creek running some half mile to a redoubt. At that point, the line stretches back to about a right angle, and consists of system of salients connected by long curtains very slightly constructed; the works little or no protection to the cannoneers, and the armament is of the poorest description.

This part of the line runs parallel with the Stone River and terminates on Wappoo Cut.

Between this terminus and Fort Pemberton, a distance of about a fourth of a mile, there are a redan and two redoubts imperfectly armed and in very bad condition. I regard this line, the western line, as very weak and altogether too long.

The communication of the eastern and western lines with Charleston are by two bridges across Wappoo Cut, near McLeod's residence, except such imperfect communication as could be maintained by water across the Ashley River.

It seems to me manifest that if the western lines were forced, and the enemy established near McLeod's, the eastern lines would have to be abandoned, as they would be turned and cut off from communication, and that therefore, an effort will most like be made to carry the western lines.

The New Town Cut, over which the enemy would have to advance to attack these lines, is in an insignificant run, easily bridged, and causewayed at points beyond the range of the lines of Fort Pemberton and the approach of the enemy can be made under cover of the woods.

The flank defenses of this line consist of Fort Pemberton and the redoubts near it on the right, and the redoubt on the left of the line of salient and curtains, which latter redoubt mounts but one gun to the front of the line.

At Fort Pemberton, only three guns bear on the land side, and I think it important to transfer the guns from the water battery on the right,four in number, to the interior of the fort, so as to give the work a much increased command of the land approaches.

I have directed the engineer officer, as speedily as possible to improve all the works along this line, to feel the woods in front of the