War of the Rebellion: Serial 046 Page 0273 Chapter XL. OPERATIONS ON MORRIS ISLAND, S. C.

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the beach; on the left by a boom* across the creek, to obstruct the passage of the enemy's small boats.

2. Place Requa batteries+ in position on the flanks of this parallel, for its defense.

3. Elevate platforms and rebuild rivetting and embrasures for six guns on right of the parallel.

4. Transform the center light gun battery into a siege mortar battery.

5. Extend the siege gun battery, so that it may contain one additional 30-pounder Parrott rifle.

6. Build one bomb-proof magazine for the service of the armament of the first parallel.

7. Build emplacements and a bomb-proof magazine for four 10-inch seacoast mortars in rear of first parallel, opposite the Beacon House.

The troops were allowed to rest, bury the dead, and care for the wounded during the day, but to-night work was resumed in the first parallel, all the operations above enumerated being commenced. The defensive arrangements received the most attention.

Monday, July 20.-Continued work in the first parallel, and on the seacoast mortar battery, day and night. The return in the palisading and the boom were completed. Three emplacements for Requa batteries were finished and occupied, one of the extreme left of the whole line, firing so as to flank the parallel and defend the entire obstacle, and two on the right, placed between the parallel and obstacle for economy of room, and so arranged as to enfilade the beach, flank the return in and the fire on the entire palisading. These advanced pieces were protected from the fire of the parallel by a traverse in their rear.

The land batteries and gunboats kept a heavy fire on Fort Wagner to-day.

Tuesday, July 21.-Continued the uncompleted work of yesterday. An abundance of lumber suitable for magazines, platforms, &c., was found at a landing on the creek (the lumber yard), just in advance of the first parallel, having been left there by the enemy.

The general commanding has decided to place one 8-inch Parrott rifle in position on the left, the immediate object, as I understand, being to experiment at long ranges. I was ordered to locate and being the emplacement for this gun to-day. The position selected was the most northerly point of ground on the left, being about 100 yards in advance of Battery Hays, and 4,200 yards from Fort Sumter. To reach this battery, as well as others that may be built on the left, more easily than by the road now traveled, I have directed Captain F. E. Graef, New York Volunteer Engineers, to build a new road, which shall leave the beach about 800 yards south of the Beacon House. It was completed to-day, and afterward used for the heavy transportation.

This morning the enemy made a reconnaissance from a balloon over Fort Johnson.

Wednesday, July 22.-The work on the seacoast mortar battery and emplacements for the 8-inch Parrott rifle is in progress. The latter advances slowly, owing to the distance which the earth used in its construction must be wheeled.

But little was accomplished to-day, as the regiment of New York


*See Note 3, p. 308.

+See note 16, p. 324.