War of the Rebellion: Serial 046 Page 0170 S. C. AND GA. COAST, AND IN MID. AND E. FLA. Chapter XI.

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The fire of the enemy to-day diminished materially from the average, and was directed principally against Battery Simkins, though Sumter and Johnson received an occasional shot. Ten rifle and 11 mortar shells only were fired at Sumter during the day; 3 rifle and 3 mortar missed. No casualties are reported to have occurred at any of our batteries.

Colonel Simonton reports that a pile-driver has been driving piles all day in the Stono, about one-fourth of the distance across the river. As the piles extend, rather too far a wharf, it is not yet determined for what they are intended.

The engineers at Battery Tatom were engaged to-day in constructing a banquette for musketry fire and in giving the superior slope of the parapet the proper inclination to command the beach in front with infantry fire.

The second battery for field howitzers between Tatom and Ryan (left) was completed to-day.

The following is a recapitulation of the casualties in Fort Sumter since October 26, the day the bombardment from Cumming's Point commenced, until November 25:*

Officers and men. Killed. Wounded. Total.

Commissioned officers 2 2 4

Enlisted men 25 52 77

Negoes 3 15 18

Total 30 69 99

November 26, 1863.-Twenty-six vessels were inside the bar to-day, including the Ironsides, four monitors, two mortar-boats, &c., and five vessels of the usual classes outside, acting as blockaders.

During the day, the Weehawken (Numbers 4) arrived, and Monitor Numbers 5 departed, probably to undergo some repairs.

Two schooners from the northward, loaded with stores, arrived, and from one of them mortars were landed at Oyester Point. The other schooner continued her way the south.

The bombardment of Sumter last night was unusually severe and accurate, 242 rifle shots having been fired at that work, 88 only of which failed to strike.

The firing against Sumter to-day was principally from a new Parrott gun just placed in position in the northwest angle of Battery Cumming. Twenty-three rifle and 48 mortar shells were fired at the fort, and 5 of the former and 18 of the latter missed. No casualties occurred either last night or during the day.

A continuous and heavy fire from Battery Gregg and the adjacent mortar batteries was directed during the greater portion of the day against Battery Simkins and Fort Johnson, which replied to the enemy with 27 mortar and 1 columbiad shell. A few shells were also fired at Battery Gregg from Sullivan's Island, but the effect of the shots was not perceived.

It is reported from the Stono that the enemy landed troops from a transport at Legareville.

The pile-driver previously referred to is lying near Legareville, and has driven about ten piles, near the middle of the river.


*See Elliott's reports, Bombardment of Fort Sumter.