War of the Rebellion: Serial 046 Page 0148 S.C.AND GA.COASTS, AND IN MID. AND E.FLA. Chapter XL.

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Brooke Gun Battery, one 8-inch shell gun [to be taken from Battery Simkins; the one most worn].

Battery Simkins, one 8-inch shell gun [navy], three 10-inch sea-coast mortars, one 8-inch columbiad [to be taken from Battery Cheves and used only as a shell gun].

Bay Batteries [Fort Johnson], three 10-inch columbiads, one 8-inch, rifled and banded.

Tower Battery, three 10-inch columbiads, one 42-pounder, rifled and double-banded, one 7-inch Brooke, one 6.40 Brooke [to be taken from Simkins].

Battery Wampler, two 10-inch columbiads; one already ordered from the city.

Battery Gover, three 32-pounder rifled.

Battery No. 5 [new lines], two 24-[pounder] smooth-bores [to be taken from Battery Reid]; two 24-pounder howitzers [to be taken from old lines].

The following are copies of Yankee intercepted dispatches:

General S-:

General Gillmore directs that you take command of all troops on Morris Island and Folly Island during his absence.


Brigadier-General, Chief of Staff.

Generals V- and G-:

By command of General Gillmore, I assume command of Morris and Folly Islands.



October 22, 1863.-No material change is reported in the fleet this morning, and the enemy on Morris Island still fail to respond to the fire of our batteries, which is kept up slowly on Wagner, Gregg, and the intermediate works.

Two embrasures in Battery Gregg were unmasked this morning.

Fifty-three shots, with very satisfactory effect, were fired to-day from Battery Simkins and 17 from Cheves.

Owing to the departure of General Gillmore, probably for Port Royal, and certain movements of the enemy's troops down Folly Island, the commanding general was induced to believe a demonstration was intended in the Third Military District, and accordingly [W. L.] De Pass' battery, and one regiment each from Wise's and Evans' brigades [and subsequently all the former's brigade], were ordered to be held in readiness to move at a moment's notice. De Pass' battery was directed to await orders at the Savannah Railroad depot, and to be provided with three days' cooked rations.

October 23, 1863.-No change of consequence is reported in the fleet this morning.

Heavy showers of rainf rom 7 to 10 a.m.

Thirty-one shots were fired during of the batteries on James Island is being made, in accordance in the transfer of the guns to use the light artillery horses and harness. Much of the latter is reported to have given way and to be otherwise injured.

Captain De Pass' battery was ordered to the Third Military District to-day.