War of the Rebellion: Serial 046 Page 0106 S.C.AND GA.COASTS, AND IN MID. AND E.FLA. Chapter XL.

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[Inclosure E.]

Memorandum in reference to the removal of troops from Morris Island.

HDQRS. DEPT. SOUTH CAROLINA, GEORGIA, AND FLORIDA, Charleston, September 6, 1863-3.30 p.m.

Brigadier General R. S. RIPLEY,

Commanding First Military District, Charleston, S. C.:

The steamboats to take position near the south edge of channel, and about midway between Forts Johnson and Sumter. Small boats to ply between steamers and Cumming's Point. Should steamboats be driven from their position, must go to Fort Johnson. First trip of small boats to take off sick and wounded to the steamboats. First [and possibly the second] trip with troops to be landed at Sumter, the rest at steamers; if the steamboats are driven away by shot and shell, then at Johnson. The trips to be continued until all are off of Morris Island, notwithstanding shelling of the enemy. The troops landed at Sumter to be removed to steamers or Fort Johnson as soon as the transportation of the whole from Morris Island shall have been finished. A fast boat to be left behind for the dozen [about] officers who are to blow up magazines, burst guns, &c.

Officers in Sumter must be notified of the intention to land troops at that work from Morris Island. All the batteries must be notified of this movement of small boats and steamers in the harbor to-night.

When the officers left at Wagner and Gregg to explode magazines, &c., shall have gotten sufficiently far from Cumming's Point for our batteries to open on the site of those two works, those officers will set off from their boat three rockets, or make some other agreed signal, to notify the batteries that they can commence firing.

A blue light at Gregg will indicate when the ten-minute fuses in Wagner are to be lighted. Those in Gregg are not to be lighted until the officers from Wagner shall have reported.

Troops in Wagner and Gregg will march at proper times to Cumming's Point beach by companies, each company being halted about 100 yards from position of boats. Their officers will then send them by squads equivalent to the capacity of each boat destined to receive them. All men must have their arms loaded on entering the boats, to defend themselves in case of necessity. The most complete silence and order must be maintained throughout the entire operation.


General, Commanding.

[Inclosure F.]


Commanding Officer Battery Wagner:

SIR: As it is within the contingencies that Batteries Wagner and Gregg may be evacuated, I wish the engineer and artillery officers to be fully prepared. A quantity of safety fuse has been sent down at different times to both Batteries Wagner and Gregg. This will at one be examined, and kept in place for service. All magazines will be prepared for explosion before the final evacuation takes place by causing safety fuses, at least three in number, to be inserted in a file