War of the Rebellion: Serial 045 Page 1101 Chapter XXXIX. ORGANIZATIONS MENTIONED.

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Faribaault's (Geroge H. (Infantry. See North Carolina Troops, Confederate, 47th Regiment.

Farnham's (Augustus B.) Infantry. See maine Troops, 16th Regiment.

Farnsworth's (Charles) Cavalry. See Connenticut Troops, 1st Battalion.

Farquberg's (Captain) Infantry. See Maryland Troops, Union, 5th


Farrar's (Judson S.) Infantry. See Michigan Troops, 26th Regiment.

Fauquirer Artillery. See Virginia Troops, Confederate.

Fayette Artillery. See Richmond Fayette Artillery, post.

Feber's (Christian) Infantry. See Delaware Troops, 5th Regiment.

Ferebee's (Dennis D.) Cavalry. See North Carolina Trooops, Confede-rate, 4th Regiment.

Ferguson's (Alonzo) Infantry. See New York Troops, 152nd Regiment.

Ferguson's (M. J.) Cavalry. See Virginia Troops, Confederate, 16th


Ferguson's (Raymond) Cavalry. See New York Troops, 12th Regiment.

Fickling's (W. W.) Argillery. See Brooks Artillery, ante.

Finnicum's (Mark) Infantry. See Wisconsin Troops, 7th Regiment.

Fitch's (William T.) Infantry. See Ohio Troops, 29th Regiment.

Fite's (John A.) Infantry. See Tennesee Troops, 7th Regiment.

Fitzhugh's (Charles L.) Artillery. See Union Troops, Regulars. 4th Regiment, Battery C.

Fitzhugh's (Robert H.) Artillery. See New York Troops, 1st Regiment, Battery K.

Fitzki's (Edward Artillery. See 2nd Keystone, post.

Flesher's (William H.) Cavalry. See West Virginia Troops, 3rd Regiment.

Flowerree's (C. C.) Infantry. See Virginia Troops, Confederate, 7th Regiment.

Floyd's (Eldridge G.) Infantry. See New York Troops, 3rd Regiment.

Fluvanna Artillery. See Virginia Troops, Confederate.

Flynn's (John) Infantry. See Pennsylvania Troops, 28th Regiment.

Foerster's (Hermann) Infantry. See New York Troops, 8th Regiment.

Follett's (Frederick M.) Artillery. See Union Troops, Regulars, 4th

Regiment, Battery D.

Follsom's (Robert W.) Infantry. See Georgia Troops, 14th Regiment.

Forbes' (David S.) Infantry. See New York Troops, 68th Regiment,


Forney's (W. H.) Infantry. See Alabama Troops, 10th Regiment.

Forno's (Henry) Infantry. See Louisiana Troops, 5th Regiment.

Foster's (William N.) Infantry, See Ohio Troops, 110th Regiment.

Fox's (Watson A.) Infantry. See New York Troops, 74th Regiment,


Franklin's (Emlen) Infantry. See Pennsylvania Troops, 50th Regiment, Militia.

Franklin's (Walter S.) Infantry. See Union Troops, Regulars, 12th


Fraser's (J. C.) Artillery. See Pulaski Artillery, post.

Fraser's (John) Infantry. See Pennsylvania Troops, 140th Regiment.

Fredericksburg Artillery. See Virginia Trooops, Confederate.

Freesborn's (Benjamin) Artillery. See Rhode Island Troops, 1st

Regiment, Battery E.

Freeland's (Abraham N.) Infantry. See New Jersey Troops, 8th Regiment.

Freese's (John W.) Infantry. See Maine Troops, 7th Regiment.

French's (D. A.) Artillery. See McComas Artillery, post.

French's (William H.) Cavalry. See Virginia Troops, Confederate,

17th Regiment.

French's (Winsor B.) Infantr. See Ney York Troops, 77th Regiment.

Frick's (Jacob G.) Infantry. See Pennsylvania Troops, 27th

Regiment, Militia.

Frishmuth's (Benoni) Artillery. See Pennsylvania Troops.

Fry's (B. D.) Infantry. See Alabama Troops, 13th Regiment.

Fry's (C. W.) Artillery. See Orange Artillery, post.

Fuller's (Josiah C.) Infantry. See Massachusetts Troops, 32nd


Fuller's (William D.) Artillery. See Union Troops, Regulars, 3d

Regiment, Battery C.

Fulmer's (Michael) Infantry. Se Pennsylvania Troops, 68th Regiment.