War of the Rebellion: Serial 045 Page 1078 Chapter XXXIX. N. C., VA., W. VA., MD., PA., ETC.

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June, 16, 1863.

His Excellency Governor CURTIN,

Harrisburg, Pa.:

The nine-months' regiments now in the State awaiting discharge will be forwarded as fast as possible. I issue proclamation to-morrow for the citizens to organize for the assistance of Pennsylvania, and will send them to you for the present emergency as State militia. Can I promise them United States pay and rations until they can be replaced by six-months' volunteers? If so, must they be mustered into United States service, and for how short a time? I hope to be able to send some 12, 000 men.



June 16, 1863.

His Excellency Governor PARKER:

The people of this State are under obligations to you for your promptness and energy in organizing and forwarding men to this place. General Couch will have the best possible care taken of them. The question of details of which you inquire will have to be determined by the War Department at Washington. Telegraph orders from Secretary of War to General Couch this evening seem to cover all the points you refer to.


Governor of Pennsylvania.


Trenton, June 17, 1863.

SOLDIERS: The Governor of Pennsylvania has requested your services to assist in repelling an invasion of that State. Your term of service has expired. You have performed your duty, and your gallant conduct has reflected honor on yourselves and the State that sent you forth. It will take time to organize and send other troops to the aid of Pennsylvania. You are already organized and drilled. The hard service you have seen in Virginia has made you veterans, far more efficient than new troops can possibly be. I regret any necessity that may detain you from your homes, but can this appeal from a sister State, in her hour of danger, be disregarded? Your State and United States pay will be continued. You will not be required to go out of the State of Pennsylvania, and will return as soon as the emergency will admit. Your response to this appeal will add to the fame you have already achieved.


TRENTON, June 17, 1863.

General A. L. RUSSELL,

Adjutant-General, Harrisburg, Pa:

The Twenty-third New Jersey Regiment (returned volunteers) left for Harrisburg at 5 p. m. to-day, 300 strong. Two companies of the State militia go at 9 a. m. to-morrow. The others will be forwarded by companies as fast as they can be equipped. I thought