War of the Rebellion: Serial 045 Page 1059 Chapter XXXIX. CORRESPONDENCE, ETC. -CONFEDERATE.

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Major General J. B. HOOD.

Robertson's Brigade.

Brigadier General J. B. ROBERTSON.

3rd Arkansas, Colonel Van H. Manning.

1st Texas, Colonel A. T. Rainey.

4th Texas, Colonel J. C. G. Key.

5th Texas, Colonel R. M. Powell.

Anderson's Brigade.

Colonel W. W. WHITE.

7th Georgia, Colonel W. W. White.

9th Georgia, Colonel Benjamin Beck.

11th Georgia, Colonel F. H. Little.

59th Georgia, Colonel Jack Brown.

Law's Brigade.


4th Alabama, Colonel P. D. Bowles.

15th Alabama, Colonel William C. Oates.

44th Alabama, Colonel William F. Perry.

47th Alabama.

48th Alabama, Colonel James L. Sheffield.

Benning's Brigade.

Brigadier General H. L. BENNING.

2nd Georgia, Colonel Edgar M. Butt.

15th Georgia, Colonel D. M. Du Bose.

17th Georgia, Colonel Wesley C. Hodges.

20th Georgia, Colonel J. D. Waddell.


Lieutenant General RICHARD S. EWELL.


Major General R. E. RODES.

Rodes' Brigade.

Colonel C. A. BATTLE.

3rd Alabama, Colonel C. A. Battle.

5th Alabama, Colonel J. M. Hall.

6th Alabama, Colonel James N. Lightfoot.

12th Alabama, Colonel Samuel B. Pickens.

26th Alabama, Colonel E. A. O'Neal.

Ramseur's Brigade.

Brigadier General S. D. RAMSEUR.

2nd North Carolina, Colonel William R. Cox.

4th North Carolina, Colonel Bryan Grimes.

14th North Carolina, Colonel R. Tyler Benett.

30th North Carolina, Colonel Francis M. Parker.

Doles' Brigade.

Brigadier General GEORGE DOLES.

4th Georgia, Colonel Philip Cook.

12th Georgia, Colonel Edward Willis.

21st Georgia, Colonel John T. Mercer.

44th Georgia, Colonel Samuel P. Lumpkin.

Iverson's Brigade.

Brigadier General S. D. RAMSEUR.

5th North Carolina, Colonel Thomas M. Garrett.

12th North Carolina, Lieutenant Colonel William S. Davis.

20th North Carolina, Colonel Thos. F. Toon.

23rd North Carolina, Lieutenant Colonel R. D. Jahnston.

Daniel's Brigade.

Brigadier General JUNIUS DANIEL.

32nd North Carolina, Colonel E. C. Brabble.

43rd North Carolina, Lieutenant Colonel William G. Lewis.

45th North Carolina, Captain T. McGehee Smith.

53rd North Carolina, Colonel W. A. Owens.

2nd North Carolina Battalion, Captain Edward Smith.