War of the Rebellion: Serial 045 Page 0920 N. C. VA., W. VA., MD., PA., ETC. Chapter XXXIX.

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Major General JOHN B. HOOD.

Robertson`s Brigade.

Brigadier General JEROME B. ROBERTSON.

1st Texas, Colonel A. T. Rainey. *

4sth Texas, Colonel J. C. G. Key.

5th Texas, Colonel R. M. Powell.

3rd Arkansas, Colonel Van H. Manning.

Law`s Brigade.

Brigadier General EVANDER McIVER LAW.

4th Alabama, Colonel P. D. Bowles.

15th Alabama, Colonel William C. Oates.

44th Alabama, Colonel William F. Perry.

47th Alabama, Colonel James W. Jackson.

48th Alabama, Colonel James L. Sheffielf.

Anderson`s Brigade.


7th Georgia, Colonel W. W. White.

8th Georgia, Colonel John R. Towers.

9th Georgia, Colonel B. Beck, +

11th Georgia, Colonel F. H. Little.

59th Georgia, Colonel Jock Brown.

Benning`s Brigade.

Brigadier General HENRY L. BENNING.

2nd Georgia, Colonel E. M. Butt. ++

15th Georgia, Colonel D. M. Du Bose.

17th Georgia, Colonel W. C. Hodges.

20th Georgia, Colonel John A. Jones.



Kershaw`s Brigade.

Brigadier General JOSEPH B. KERSHAW.

2nd South Carolina, Colonel J. D. Kennedy.

3rd South Carolina, Colonel J. D. Nance.

7th South Carolina, Colonel D. W. Aiken.

8th South Carolina, Colonel J. W. Henagan.

15th South Carolina, Colonel W. D. De Saussure.

3rd South Carolina Battalion (James`), Lieutenant Colonel W. G. Rice.

Barksdale`s Brigade.

Brigadier General WILLIAM BARKSDALE.

13th Mississippi, Colonel J. W. Carter.

17th Mississippi, Colonel W. D. Holder.

18th Mississippi, Colonel T. M. Griffin.

21st Mississippi, Colonel B. G. Humphreys.

Semmes` Brigade.

Brigadier General PAUL J. SEMMES.

10th Georgia, Colonel John B. Weems.

50th Georgia, Colonel W. R. Manning.

51st Georgia, Colonel E. Ball.

53rd Georgia, Colonel J. P. Simms.

Wofford`s Brigade.

Brigadier General W. T. WOFFORD.

16th Georgia, Colonel Goode Bryan.

18th Georgia, Lieutenant Colonel S. Z. Ruff.

24th Georgia, Colonel Robert McMillan.

Cobb`s Legion, Lieutenant Colonel L. J. Glenn.

Phillips Legion, Lieutenant Colonel E. S. Barclay.



* Was wounded at Gaines` Farm, June 27, 1862, and has not since reported for duty.

+ Still suffering from wound received at last batle of Manassas, and unable for duty.

++ At home hopelessly blind from shell which exploded near his eyes at Malvern Hill.