War of the Rebellion: Serial 045 Page 0919 Chapter XXXIX. CORRESPONDENCE, ETC. -CONFEDERATE.

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partment to another, nor did the prohibition ever apply to parts of the department within the enemy`s lines or between the lines. I do not understand from your letter whether Messrs. Haymond and Morgan propose to drive cattle out of the department. I believe the cattle are generally young and small, and as the grass in this section of the country is very fine and abundant, I think it desirable the cattle should remain on it as long as possible. I understand there are many speculators going through this country who interfere materially with Government agents in the purchase of cattle, in one instance, I am informed, giving information on the border that I had ordered troops there to collect cattle. As martial law is not in force in this department, it is not easy to prevent such misconduct. I am on my way now to visit the camps in Raleigh, Greenbrier, and Pocahontas.

Very respectfully, sir, your obedient servant,



List of divisions, brigades, and regiments, with names of commanding officers, in the First and Second Army Corps, June 22, 1863.


Lieutenant General JAMES LONGSTREET.


Major General GEORGE E. PICKETT.

Garnett`s Brigade.

Brigadier General RICHARD B. GARNETT.

8th Virginia, Colonel Eppa Hunton.

18th Virginia:

Colonel R. E. Withers. *

Lieutenant Colonel H. A. Carrington.

19th Virginia, Colonel Henry Gantt.

28th Virginia, Colonel R. C. Allen.

56th Virginia, Colonel W. D. Stuart.

Kemper`s Brigade.

Brigadier General JAMES L. KEMPER.

1st Virginia, Colonel Lewis B. Williams.

3rd Virginia, Colonel Joseph Mayo, jr.

7th Virginia, Colonel W. T. Patton.

11th Virginia, Colonel David Funstern. +

24th Virginia, Colonel William R. Terry.

Armistead`s Brigade.

Brigadier General LEWIS A. ARMISTEAD.

9th Virginia:

Lieutenant Colonel J. S. Gilliam. ++

Major John C. Owens.

14th Virginia, Colonel James G. Hodges.

38th Virginia, Colonel E. C. Edmonds.

53rd Virginia, Colonel W. R. Aylett.

57th Virginia, Colonel J. Bowie Magruder.

Corse`s Brigade

Brigadier General MONTGOMERY D. CORSE.

15th Virginia:

Colonel T. P. August. $

Major C. H. Clarke.

17th Virginia:

Colonel M. Marye. #

Lieutenant Colonel A. Herbert.

29th Virginia:

Lieutenant Colonel James Giles.!

30th Virginia:

Colonel A. T. Harrison. **

Lieutenant Colonel R. S. Chew.



* Permanently detached.

+ Absent, wounded (permanently).

++ Lieutenant-Colonel Gilliam absent, sick.

$ Permanently detached.

# Leg amputated.

! Colonel Alfred C. Moore resigned.

** Absent, sick.