War of the Rebellion: Serial 045 Page 0815 Chapter XXXIX. CORRESPONDENCE, ETC. -UNION.

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Abstract from return of the Department of the Monongahela, Major General W. t. H. Brooks, U. S. Army, commanding, for July, 1863, headquarters, Pittsburgh, PA.

Present for


Station and Officers Men Aggregate Aggregate Aggregate Remarks

command present pre-sent last

and return


General 8 --- 8 8 8


Barnesville, 3 86 90 101 100 Deens'

Ohio, company

Captain J. [Ohio],

L. Deens Departm.


Camp Cross, 20 499 556 576 487 Dale's

Connell-sville, Pa. [Pennsylvania]

, Cavalry

Lieutenant Battalion

Colonel [six

Richard C. months'].


Pittsburgh, 1 53 54 55 30 Detachment

Pa., 154th

Captain C. Pennsylvania and

C. Provost

Churchill Guards.

Camp near 3 135 138 140 110 Tyler's

Pittsburgh, company

Captain H. Pennsylvania

K. Tyler Artillery



Pulaski, 1 37 38 51 54 Brown's

Pa., company

Lieutenant [Pennsylvania],

James M. Depart-mental

Brown Corps.

Wheeling, 4 138 161 173 234 Two

W. Va., companies

Captain Wesley West

C. Thorpe Virginia


Battery D,

1st West




Pennsylvania --- --- --- --- 755 Trans-ferred to

Battalion Department

[six of West

months'], Virginia.


Colonel John

C. Lininger

TOTAL 40 948 1, 1, 104 1, 778


Troops in the Department of West Virginia, Brigadier General Benjamin F. Kelley, U. S. Army, commanding, July 31, 1863.


Brigadier General Eliakim P. Scammon.

First Brigade.

Colonel Ruherford B. Haues.

23rd Ohio, Captain Israel Canby. 5th West Virginia, Lieutenant Colonel Abia A. Tomlinson. 13th West Virginia, Col William R. Brown. 3rd West Virginia Cavalry (one company), Captain John S. Wither. Kentucky Battery, Captain Seth J. Simmonds.

Second Brigade.

Col Carr B. White.

12th Ohio, Lieutenant Colonel Jonathan D. Hines. 91st Ohio Colonel John A. Turley. 9th West Virginia, Col Isaac H. Duval. 2nd West Virginia Cavalry, Companies G and K, Captain Edwin S. Morgan. 1st Ohio Batter, Captain James R. McMullin.

Third Brigade. Lieutenant Colonel Freeman E. Franklin.

34th Ohio (mounted), Major John W. Shaw. 1st West Virginia Cavalry, Companies A and G. 2nd West Virginia Cavalry (one company).