War of the Rebellion: Serial 045 Page 0813 Chapter XXXIX. CORRESPONDENCE, ETC. -UNION.

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Major General Julius Stahel.

166th Pennsylvania, Col Andrew J. Fulton. 171st Pennsylvania, Lieutenant William Jennings. 172nd Pennsylvania, Col Charles Kleckner. 1st Pennsylvania Militia Battalion, Lieutenant Colonel Joseph F. Ramsey. Independent Company Pennsylvania Militia: Captain Osborn E. Stephens. Captain Joseph K. Helmbold. Captain David Mitchel. 20th Pennsylvania Cavalry, Col John E. Wynkoop.

21st Pennsylvania Cavalry, +Colonel William H. Boyd. 22nd Pennsylvania Cavalry (battalion), Major B. Mortimer Morrow. 1st Pennsylvania Cavalry Battalion, +Lieutenant Colonel Richard F. Moson. Continental Troops, Cavalry (Pennsylvania Militia), Captain Alban H. Myers. Pennsylvania Battery (Militia), Captain William C. Ermentrout. Pennsylvania Battery (Militia), Captain Edward Fitzki.


Lieutenant Colonel John McKeage.

Pennsylvania, Militia Battalion, Major Richard J. Croyier. Pennsylvania Militia Battalion, Major Robert Lityinger. Pennsylvania Militia Company, Captain William M. Schrock. Pennsylvania Militia Cavalry (one company), Captain James Mj. Bell.


Brigadier General Henry H. Lockwood.

First Brigade.

Col George D. Wells.

34th Massachusetts, Lieutenant Colonel William S. Lincoln. 9th Maryland, Colonel Benjamin L. Simpson. 10th Maryland, Colonel William H. Revere, jr. 1st Connecticut Cavalry, Companies A, B, and E. 6th Michigan Cavalry Companies I and M. Captain Erastus Blakeslee.

17th indiana Battery, Captain Milton L. Miner. 1st Pennsylvania Light Artillery, Batter C. Captain Jeremiah McCarthy.

Second Brigade. Col William P. Maulsby.

1st Maryland Eastern Shore, Colonel James Wallace. 1st Maryland Potomac Home Brigade, Major Roger E. Cook. 2nd Maryland Eastern Shore, Colonel Robert S. Rodgers. 177th Pennsylvania, Colonel George B. Wiestling. Purnell Cavalry (Maryland), Company A, Captain Robert e. Duvall. Maryland Light Artillery, Battery B, Captain Alonzo Snow.


1st Massachusetts Heavy Artillery (four companies), Maj Frank A. Rolfe.


Major General George Cadwalader.

10th New Jersey, Colonel Henry O. Ryerson. 34th Pennsylvania Militia, Col Charles Albright. 46th Pennsylvania Militia, Col John J. Lawrence. 59th Pennsylvania Militia, Col George P. McLean.


*From Stahel's return: but the 166th Pennsylvania was mustered out july 28,

+Reported at Clear Spring, Md., and as of First Division. See p. 812.

++From General Lockwood's return.