War of the Rebellion: Serial 045 Page 0804 Chapter XXXIX. NC., VA., W. VA., MD., PA., ETC.

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Third Brigade.

Brigadier General George S. Greene.

60th New York, Col Abel Godard.

78th New York, Lieutenant Colonel Herbert von Hammerstein.

102nd New York, Major Gilbert Mj. Elliott.

137th New York, Colonel David Ireland.

149th New York, Lieutenant Col Koert S. Van Voorhis.

Artillery Brigade.

Captain John D. Woodbury.

1st New York Light, Battery M., Lieutenant Charles E. Winegar.

Pennsylvania Light, Battery, E. Captain Charles A. Atwell 4th United States,, Battery F. Lieutenant Edward D. Huhlenberg. 5th United States, Battery K, Lieutenant David H. Kinzie.

Cavalry Corps.

Major General Alfred Pleasonton.


6th United States, Lieutenant Stephen S. Balk.


Brig General John Buford.

First Brigade.

Colonel William Gambe.

8th Illinois, Major John L. Beveridge, 12 th Illinois (four cos.)\Colonel George H. 3rd Indiana (six cos.)\ Chapman. 8th New York, Lieutenant Colonel William L. Markell.

Second Brigade. Col Thomas C. Devin, 6th New York Marj. William E. Beardsley.

9th New York, Colonel William Sackett 17 th Pennsylvania, Colonel Josiah H. Kellogg. 3rd West Virginia (two companies), Captain

Seymour B. Conger.

Reserve Brigade.

Brigadier General Wesley Merritt.

6th Pennsylvania, Major James H. Haseltine. 1st United States, Captain Eugene M. Baker. 2nd United States, Captain George A. Gordon. 5th United States, Captain Julius W. Mason.


Brigadier General David McM. Gregg.

First Brigade.

Colonel John B. McIntosh.

1st Maryland, Lieutenant Col James M. Deems.

1st Massachusetts (eight companies), Colonel Horace B. Sargent. 1st New Jersey, Colonel Percy Wyndham. 1st Pennsylvania, Colonel John P. Taylor. 3rd Pennsylvania, Lieut, Col Edward S. Jones.

Second Brigade

Colonel Pennock Huey. 2nd New York, Lieutenant Col Otto Harhaus. 4th New York, Lieutenant Col Augustus Pruyn. 6th Ohio (ten companies), Major William Stedman. 8th Pennsylvania, Captain Wm. A. Corrie.

1st Rhode Island (detachment), Captain Joseph J. Gould.