War of the Rebellion: Serial 045 Page 0802 N. C., VA., W. VA., MD., PA., ETC. Chapter XXXIX

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Third Brigade.

Brigadier General Frank Wheaton.

62nd New York, Colonel David J. Nevi.

93rd Pennsylvania, Colonel James M. McCarter.

98th Pennsylvania, Major John B. Kohler,

102nd Pennsylvania, Colonel John W. Patterson.

139th Pennsylvania, Lieutenant Col William H. Moody.

Artillery Brigade.

Col Charles H. Tompkins.

Massachusetts Light, 1st Batery (A), Captain William H. McCartney.

New York Light, 1st Battery, Captain Andrew Cowan.

New York Light, 3rd Battery, Captain William A. Harn.

1st Rhode Island Light, Battery C, Captain Richard Waterman.

1st Rhode Island Light, Battery G, Captain George W. Adams.

5th United States, Battery F, Lieutenant Leonard Martin.

5th United States, Battery M. Captain James McKnight.


Major General Oliver O. Howard.


1st Indiana Cavalry, Companies I and K, Captain Abram Sharra.

8th New York Infantry (one company), Lieutenant Hermann Foerster.


Brigadier General George H. Gordon+

First Brigade. +

Brig. General Alex. Schimmelfennig.

41st New York (nine companies), Lieutenant Col Detleo von Einsiedel. j

54th New York ++ Lieutenant Colonel Stewart L. Woodford.

142nd New York ++ Colonel N. Martin Curtis.

107th Ohio, Captain Anton Peterson.

74th Pennsylvania, Captain Henry Krauseneck.

Second Brigade.

Brigadier General Adelbert Ames. 0

17th Connecticut, Col William H. Noble.

40th Massachusetts, ++ Lieutenant Colonel Joseph A. Dalton.

144th New York, ++Colonel David E. Gregory.

157th New York, Col Philip P. Brown, jr.

25th Ohio, Colonel William P. Richardson.

75th Ohio, Col Andrew L. Harris.


Brigadier General Adolph von Steinwehr.

First Brigade.

Colonel Adolphus Busschbeck.

134th New York, Lieutenant Col Allan H. Jackson, 154th New York, Lieutenant Colonel Daniel B. Allen.

27th Pennsylvania, Lieutenant Colonel Lorenz Cantado.

73rd Pennsylvania, Captain Caniel F. Kelley.

173rd Pennsylvania, Colonel Daniel Nagle.

Second Brigade.

Colonel Orland Smith.

33rd Massachusetts, Colonel Adin B. Underwood.

136th New Yorkj, Colonel James Wood, jr.

168th New York, Lieutenant Colonel James Low.

55th Ohio, Colonel Charles B. Gambee.

73rd Ohio, Major Samuel H. Hurst.

+Assigned to command, July 17, his former division (Second, of the Fourth Army Corps) being incorporated in the First and Third Divisions of this corps, July 14.

+ Schimmelfennig assigned, July 17. The 68th New York transferred to third Division, and the 153rd Pennsylvania sent home for muster-out.

++From Gordon s old division.

0 Commanding division, July 1 to 14, the brigade meanwhile under command of Colonels Brown, Harris, and Noble.

\\ The 168th New York and 173rd Pennsylvania assigned to division, July 17.