War of the Rebellion: Serial 045 Page 0638 N. C., VA., W. VA., MD., PA., ETC. Chapter XXXIX.

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Abstract from return of the Department of Washington, Major General Samuel P. Heintzelman, U. S. Army, commanding, for July 10, 1863.

Present for


Command Officers Men Aggregate Aggregate

present present

and absent

General 22 68 93 95


Artillery Camp of 27 596 664 728



Railway Guard 34 765 892 913


City guards: 96 1, 1, 927 3, 339

Alexandria 594


Washington 117 1, 2, 827 3, 682

[Martindale] 972

Garrisons: North 227 5, 6, 820 7, 047

of the Potomac 291


South of the 245 5, 6, 551 7, 871

Potomac [De 161


Fort Washington 5 110 146 150


Provisional 22 853 955 968

brigade [Casey]

Cavalry [Wyndham] 44 654 1, 248 1, 680

Camp 57 783 8, 415 8, 631


&tc. [McKelvy]

TOTAL 896 17, 30, 538 35, 164


Troops in the Middle Department (Eight Army Corps), Major General

Robert C. Schenck, U. S. Army, commanding, July 10, 1863.


Bvt. Brigadier General WILLIAM W. MORRIS.

5th Delaware, Major Edgar Hounsfield. 21st New York (National 5th New York Heavy Artillery (six Guard), Colonel Joseph companies), Lieutenant Colonel Edward Wright.

Murray. 55th New York (National

8th New York Heavy Artillery, + Colonel Guard), Colonel Eugene

Peter A. Porter. Le Gal.

17th New York (National Guard), Lieutenant 69th New York (National

Colonel John P. Jenkins. Guard), Lieutenant Colonel

18th New York (National Guard), Colonel James Cavanagh.

James Ryder. 179th Pennsylvania (two

companies), Captain Amos Drenkel. ++

2nd U. S. Artillery I,

Lieutenant James E, Willson.


Brigadier General ERASTUS B. TYLER.

1st Delaware Cavalry (battalion), Major 84th New York (National Napoleon B. Knight. Guard), Colonel Frederick Purnell (Maryland) Legion, Company B, A. Conkling.

Captain Thomas H. Watkins. 3rd Pennsylvania Heavy Baltimore (Maryland) Battery, Lieutenant H. Artillery, Battery Eugene Alexander. H (one section),

5th New York Heavy Artillery (two com- Lieutenant William M.

panies), Major Caspar Urban. Runkel.

Convalescents (two companies).

Exchanged and paroled prisoners.

Independent Baltimore com-


Union League battalions.



3rd Maryland Potomac Home Brigade, Lieutenant Colonel Charles Gilpin.


* Headquarters at Fort McHenry. The 6th New York (National Guard) not accounted for.

+ Ordered to Harper's Ferry. See p. 632.

++Serving in the Defenses of Baltimore.

! Company A, 2nd Maryland Cavalry, assigned to duty at this post July 3, not accounted for.