War of the Rebellion: Serial 045 Page 0608 N. C., VA., W., VA., MD., PA., ETC. Chapter XXXIX.

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SANDY HOOK, July 8, 1863-12 m.

General R. C. SCHENCK:

SIR: I am guarding the railroad, but I wish to push over the river with my cars, reconstructing the railroad and telegraph as I go. Have men and materials, and have telegraphed to General Meade for permission to build the bridges, as I understand he has forbidden. Want outside cars while the enemy is at a distance, in order to get room, and they will be fairly protected by cars [sic]. Will carry a mountain howitzer up the Heights to-morrow, to keep rebels quiet while building bridge.


BALTIMORE, July 8, 1863-4. 30 p. m.

Lieutenant J. R. MEIGS,

Engineer in Charge of Iron-Clad Cars, Sandy Hook, Md.:

What are your operations and plans? Why do you want gun carriages? You must be cautions as well as active. How many iron-clads have you with you? Have you reported to General French and taken his views? Remember that the duty assigned you is not to seek a fight, but to help keep open and protect the railroad.


Major-General, Commanding.

FREDERICK, July 8, 1863.

General D. H. RUCKER:

I am under great obligations, and so is the army, for the many and successful efforts made by you to serve us. I am not unmindful of your exertion, and shall co-operate with you all in my power. The number of horses forwarded by you exceeds what I expected.

In my dispatch of last night, I meant to request that no more horses should be sent by rail until we get a start on provisions, clothing, and forage, and regulate the trains, which will all be done by to-morrow, I hope. We have bootees somewhere on the way, and need them fearfully. I am asking railroad agents about them. Will you also inquire and urge them forward quickly?


Brigadier-General, Chief Quartermaster.

FREDERICK, July 8, 1863. (Received 8. 40 p. m.)


McClellan House, Gettysburg:

In consequence of the bad condition of the roads, I will go to Gettysburg via Northern Central Railroad. The Cumberland Valley Railroad must be re-opened to Hagerstown as soon as we get possession. I expect to place you in charge of that line. Hope to reach Gettysburg to-morrow.