War of the Rebellion: Serial 045 Page 0400 N. C., VA., W. VA., MD., PA., ETC. Chapter XXXIX.

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Brigadier-General GREGG,

Commanding Second Cavalry Division:

GENERAL: It is decided that you leave a brigade at Westminster, until further orders, to scout toward Reisterstown and Middleburg, to cover our rear, and give timely notice of the approach of an enemy. Your previous orders, with this exception, remain unchanged.


Major-General, Commanding.

[P. S.]-Headquarters will be at Taneytown to-morrow night.



Numbers 99.

June 29, 1863.

I. The First Cavalry Division will move immediately on the receipt of this order as follows: Two brigades and a battery by the way of Peaksville [Beallsville?], Weedsville [Wolfsville?], and Chewsville, to Emmitsburg, and from thence to Gettysburg by to-morrow night; one brigade and battery with trains to march, by way of Frederick City, Adamsville, Lewistown, and Catoctin Furnace, to Mechanicstown, where it will encamp for the night, protecting the rear, and bring up all stragglers. Headquarters to-morrow night at Middleburg. A staff officer will be sent to headquarters to-morrow night for orders from the headquarters of the division which will move with the two brigades to Gettysburg. A staff officer will also be sent to-morrow night from the brigade at Mechanicstown to headquarters Cavalry Corps at Middleburg, for orders. The left of the infantry corps will rest to-morrow night at Emmitsburg. The two brigades at Gettysburg will cover and protect the front, and communicate all information of the enemy rapidly and surely. The Third Cavalry Division will be to-morrow at Littlestown. II. The Third Cavalry Division, commanded by General Kilpatrick, will move by 8 o'clock this morning as follows: First Brigade and a battery, Brigadier-General Farnsworth, will move, by way of Woodsborough, Bruceville, and Taneytown, to Littlestown. Second Brigade and a battery, Brigadier-General Custer, will move by Utica, Creagerstown, and Graceham, to Emmitsburg; from thence to Littlestown. The trains of this division will move with the First Brigade, and will encamp near headquarters of the corps, at Middleburg. A staff officer will be sent by the commander of this division to the headquarters of the corps at Middleburg to-morrow night, for orders. III. The Second Cavalry Division, Brigadier-General Gregg, will move to-morrow as follows: Two brigades and a battery from Ridgeville, by the way of Carter's, to Westminster, where they will encamp to-morrow night; one brigade and battery from Frederick City, by the way of Liberty and Unionville, to New Windsor, where it will encamp for the night. The trains of this command, on arriving at Liberty, will be sent to encamp near headquarters Cavalry Corps at Middleburg. A staff officer will be sent to-morrow night by General Gregg to headquarters at Middleburg, for orders. He should