War of the Rebellion: Serial 045 Page 0302 N. C., VA., W. VA., MD., PA., ETC. Chapter XXXIX.

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days, I have hesitated at ordering them to the front, but if you telegraph me to do so on receipt of this, I shall start them, which will increase the force reported as to march to-morrow. The balance are not good for much, and reported of no to us, and necessary here. Sixth. Baltimore, H. S. Briggs, 2, 555. Of the details of this force, the Scott's Nine Hundred are withdrawn and sent to Washington; the Fourteenth New Jersey, One hundred and thirty-eighth Pennsylvania, and One hundred and fiftieth New York are at Harper's Ferry, without increasing the number there, as I can learn; the Purnell Legion and the Third Delaware are at the Relay House, and guarding the railroad out to Annapolis Junction, where they connect with Heintzelman, and from the Relay House out to Elysville, on the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad, which uses up all the sixth item on the report. Seventh. Averell's command, 3, 642, now an independent command, but, under Kelley, to be concentrated in part at New Creek, W. Va., to hold Grafton, and watch the mountain passes north of the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad, at Beverly and other points. These, with Scammon's command, are cut off from operations here, and I think the two, amounting to about 8, 000 of all arms, should be concentrated, and move on Lynchburg, by forced marches, living on the country. If they encounter Lee on his way back, to move south south of Richmond, and join Dix of Foster. They cannot reach us in time for this campaign. Eight days ought to put them in Lynchburg, and cut all connection between Richmond and the West. Eighth. Waite, at Annapolis, 600 men, only sufficient for guard duty at that point and on the railroad; so represented. Ninth. Fort Delaware, General Schoepf, 240 men, guard for prisoners sent there from rebel army. Tenth. The First Connecticut Cavalry, next on report, are all used scouting and patrolling; only 112 men, provost guard, &c. Eleventh. The One hundred and fiftieth New York are put in the marching column. This disposes of all the troops embodied on Schenck's returns. Schenck guards the important bridges from here toward Philadelphia over the over the Gunpowder, Susquehanna, and Back Rivers. Also the Northern Central line to the Pennsylvania State line, where Couch meets him, the great fear seeming to be on all parts that, if these road and bridges are not guarded, secessionists and enemies within will destroy them and interrupt communications. The total to be raised out of Schenck's command, including those at Harper's Ferry, would seem to be about 11, 000; from Heintzelman-Abercrombie, say 7, 333; Crawford, 3, 613; Jewett (Poolesville), 1, 221; Stahel (cavalry), 3, 742. Total of all re-enforcement, 26, 909. With our own cavalry, infantry, and artillery, as per our last returns, say, 800, 000, leaves us 106, 909, when all are gotten together. Heintzelman's return shows 36, 640 men. Of this, garrisons, 10, 347; city guards, 5, 402; given to J. J. Abercrombie, Crawford, Jewett, and Stahel, say 16, 000; paroled prisoners, 2, 234; disabled, 682; detachments, staffs, orderlies, &c., 2, 975. The city guards cover all hospitals, storehouses, magazines, &c. I had little to say (not having time, on account of anxiety to get here) to the President about putting all in one command, and concentrating all the forces, instead of scattering all over Pennsylvania and creation. Please telegraph me if I shall put in the militia regiments. Also