War of the Rebellion: Serial 045 Page 0068 N. C., VA., W. VA., MD., PA., ETC. Chapter XXXIX.

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quarters to the corps commanders in relation to the commands being held in readiness to move at short notice. You will see that the orders therein given, as far as relates to the quartermaster's department, are strictly enforced, and that surplus baggage transportation and stores are turned in to the department forthwith


Brigadier General, and Chief Quartermaster, Army of the Potomac.




Numbers 1.

Chambersburg, Pa., June 11, 1863.

The undersigned assumes command of this department. In view of the danger of invasion now threatening the State of Pennsylvania by the enemies of the Government, a new military department has been made, by direction of the War Department, embracing all the territory of Pennsylvania east of Johnstown and the Laurel Hill range of mountains, headquarters at Chambersburg. To prevent serious raids be the enemy, it is deemed necessary to call upon the citizens of Pennsylvania to furnish promptly all the men necessary to organize an army corps of volunteer infantry, artillery, and cavalry, to be designated the Army Corps of the Susquehanna. They will be enrolled and organized in accordance with the regulations of the United States service, for the protection and defense of the public and private property within this department, and will be mustered into the service of the United States, to serve during the pleasure of the President or the continuance of the war. The company and field officers of the Departmental Corps will be provisionally commissioned by the President, upon the recommendation of the general commanding. They will be armed, uniformed, equipped, and, while in active service, subsisted and supplied as other troops of the United States. When not required for active service to defend the department, they will be returned to their homes, subject to the call of the commanding general. Cavalry volunteers may furnish their own horses, to be turned over to the United States at their appraised value, or allowance will be made for the time of actual service at the rate authorized by law. All able-bodied volunteers between the ages of eighteen and sixty will be enrolled and received into this corps. The volunteers for State defense will receive no bounty, but will be paid the same as for like service in the Army of the United States for the time they may be in actual service, as soon as Congress may make an appropriation for that purpose. If volunteers belonging to this army corps desire, they can be transferred to the volunteer service for three years, or during the war, when they will be entitled to all the bounties and privileges granted by the acts of Congress. The general commanding, in accordance with the foregoing general authority, calls upon all citizen within this department to come forward promptly, to perfect company organizations under United States regulations, to wit: 1 captain, 1 first lieutenant, 1 second lieutenant, 64 privates as a minimum and 82 as a maximum standard of each company. The general commanding especially desires that citizens of this dis-