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movement of this kind until the exact disposition of the enemy's infantry in this vicinity is known. The enemy had infantry at Brandy Station yesterday. This morning I sent over a flag of truce to offer medical aid and supplies to our wounded. They would not permit the doctors to cross unless they remained some time. This looked as if they did not wish us to see the battle-field.


Brigadier-General, Commanding.



June 10, 1863-2. 45 p. m.

Brigadier-General BARNES:

Your dispatch of 1 p. m. is received. The order to hold 1, 000 men in readiness to move, and to supply their places from the reserve, was based on the supposition that General Pleasonton was at Brandy Station, and might require them. His return has done away with the exigency. You can, therefore, withdraw the portion of the reserve sent to the ford, unless, in your judgment, they are required there for its defense. Communicate with General Ames, and ascertain if he is going to remain at Morrisville; also ascertain, if you can, the position of General Pleasonton's forces. In regard to the arrest and release of citizens, exercise your judgment. In suspicious cases, where there is reason to believe information might be communicated by them, if they reside too far to be watched by your command, you had better keep them under guard. Ascertain whether Colonel Sweitzer sent or retained the dispatch from Colonel O'Rorke. If it reached the ford after he was advised of the withdrawal of the cavalry, of course he retained; otherwise it has fallen into the enemy's hands. Try and get Colonel Sweitzer to be more prompt than to report at 1 p. m. the return of a command at 5 p. m. the day preceding.





June 10, 1863-2. 45 p. m.

Major-General BUTTERFIELD,

Chief of Staff, Army of the Potomac:

Your dispatch of this date received-without stating the hour; also one from Major-General Hooker, same date. Which is the last? There is some difference in reference to the infantry between them.


Brigadier-General, Commanding.

WARRENTON JUNCTION, VA., June 10, 1863-4. 30 p. m.

(Received, War Department, 9, p. m.)


A contraband, a servant of an officer in Stuart's artillery, taken yesterday, states that Longstreet's command was at the review at