War of the Rebellion: Serial 044 Page 0982 N. C., VA., W. VA., MD., PA., ETC. Chapter XXXIX.

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Numbers 2. Report of Major Samuel Wetherell, Eleventh Pennsylvania Cavalry.


August 3, 1863.

SIR: I have the honor respectfully to report that, pursuant to Orders, No. -, I left Bowers' Hill with 650 effective men, July 25, joining your brigade at the forks; proceeded through Suffolk; encamped on the Edenton Road, near Dardin's.

July 26. -The regiment in advance to Gatesville, N. C., which we reached at 5 p. m. Companies K and M were sent forward to Winton. Messengers arrived during the night, stating that arrangements were needed to cross the river.

July 27. -The regiment, in rear, left Gatesville at sunrise; arrived opposite Winton at 9 a. m. ; crossed the Chowan as rapidly as the means of transportation afforded; left Winton at dusk, and encamped in Murfreesborough about 1. 30 a. m.

July 28. -Pursuant to orders, detailed Lieutenant Nimmon, Company D, with party, to capture horses. Left Murfreesborough at sunrise; reached Jackson, N. C., at 4 p. m. The advance battalion, consisting of Companies I, Captain Reisinger; C, Lieutenant Neilson; E, Captain Bailey, and L, under command of Captain John B. Loomis, senior captain, deserves special mention for the efficient manner in which nearly all the enemy's pockets stationed at different points to convey intelligence were captured, thus in a degree cutting off the news of our approach. At 1 mile from Murfreesborough, one soldier of [S. J.] Wheeler's battalion (the outpost), captured; 3 miles beyond, at the cross-roads, a lieutenant, 16 men, and 3 servants captured; at the store cross-road, 3 miles beyond, a lieutenant, 5 soldiers, a mounted messenger, and several citizens surprised and captured; at the forks, 4 miles east of Jackson, a picket, consisting of 3 soldiers, captured; making, in all, 2 lieutenants, 30 soldiers, 6 citizens, 3 servants, and the horse and equipments of the lieutenant. The advance battalion, under Captain Loomis, and two howitzers, Lieutenant [Lucien F.] Prudhomme, charged into the town and drove General Ransom, C. S. Army, and staff at full chase into their intrenchments, situated so as to defend a causeway and mill seat, 2 miles west of Jackson, charging to within 40 yards of the breastworks, which General Ransom and party reached 50 yards ahead. The enemy immediately advanced skirmishers across the causeway. Captain Loomis dismounted the carbineers, and deployed them, and, with the howitzers, drove them back within the intrenchments. I moved down rapidly with Companies G, A, K, and M, at a trot, to support the advance, when you overtook me, and ordered the regiment in position, with Companies K, M, E, and I, under Major Stratton, to support the artillery and howitzers, Companies G, A, L, and C drawn up in line, under cover, leaving Companies H, F, D, and B, with prisoners, under Captain R. B. Ward, in Jackson, to picket strongly all roads leading to the rear, to guard against surprise. Lieutenant Prudhomme, commanding howitzers, took a position on the right of the farm-house, within 240 yards of the enemy's works, and gallantly kept his pieces usefully employed during the